Resets ahead


Oh this has been a time of major resets yet one may not be aware just yet.  What you were in 20whatever is not who you will be in 2019.  So are you ready…?  Well… 

You will be.  December may be/seem like yet another month of reflection/upgrading/sacred space/working through-elevating certain realties/enlightening moments/being in service and etc.!  Resets can also be a time of needing more rest/quiet/simple/different.

While the month hold much symbolism… what that now means may be different.  And any moment can become simple and pure… (verses the hustle and bustle of the season).  Now is about love, joy and peace.

2019 is about a year we’ve yet to had.  In ways it’s been in the making for quite some time.  There is an incoming energy that’s been building for a few days now.  In moments it feels strong and like, let’s get this done!  Excitement, too.  So one may experience a surge of energy, feeling wire-tired, heart racing, mind, too (clear/calm/bless/set it free).  Use this energy in knowing (it’s to get stuff done) and/or try to stay grounded as for now we more so just anchor and share in giddy joy.  The best is yet to come.  We look around and to the future and smile.

(((  ❤  )))

12 comments on “Resets ahead

  1. “So one may experience a surge of energy, feeling wire-tired, heart racing, mind, too (clear/calm/bless/set it free).”
    All of the above hit me this morning like a freight train, after a relatively calm/somber week….I love your advice, and I shall clear/calm/bless/SET IT FREE!!
    I love you my dearest soul siSTAR 💖💫

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    • I had a very calm week or two after what seems like months of back to back processes and then this energy came to change things up, lol. Love you siStar xoxo and on to the next adventure. ❤

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