Some things have been… moved.

While there’s quite a variety one could write one, if one has been feeling off… well, just wait a bit.  Many will be coming back… online and in new ways.  Much, as always, has been happening.  What this means for each is unique.  Much (and in more than one way) has been moved or removed.  In some situations…

if you still want it bad enough, you can go get it.  Yup, this may require a bit of work.  For others this will be a clear sign (as there have been many) that it is time to let go.  Whatever it was served… and, new may be plopped right in front of one soon enough 😉

One may also be feeling neutrality in a more expanded way.  At first though it may seem a bit surprising when situations/relationships seem so neutral/not the past energy/motivation.  This may be the ebb and flow or a sign that pods have changed (lessons learned and unto new relationships/situations we go).

Tying in, Christmas/the Holidays may not seem the same.  New meanings may arise, too.  One might not have much energy/desire to do things of the past.  Try honoring in new ways – make it simple/special/magical.  And as this is a time of seeing more of others and the/The family, relationships and responses are being examined and expanded (or possible dramatically decreased as this is also a step).

As one’s vibe increases/changes (which would be happening now yet one might not feel this) and if you align to being a starseed, much is awakening.  Think of your body and each cell as a field of planted seeds.  Under the right conditions, each will germinate.  I can also chuckle as a few months ago I planted some seeds (literally, as we also do this in other ways) and months later, still no bloom – this happens, too.  Even if you don’t have a garden, plant/grow something in a small container.  Symbolic and a great reminder of the process and cycles of life.

If one is stuck, make sure your poles are aligned to seeing all that is good and has been given… verses what is wrong/not enough/waiting for the next shoe to drop or, door to open.  Gifts and moments surround.

We have several energetic dates ahead.  The 12/12 Gate which may or may not resonate.  For some it is the trinity with the 10/10 and 11/11… (and may even be the trinity of ascend your life passages).  Solstice on 12/21 (which may be a mini long/dark night if needed yet interesting as the…) Full Moon on 12/22 and Christ mass (12/25).  Oh a time of balance.

I’ve also been meaning to mention, there has been a large “going home” passage (for a month now).  Hug, kiss, make amends, say what you need to say because one never knows who may not be here in physical form tomorrow.

Now/2019 will be a time of new understandings and intel.  We are all advancing in this journey.  We are the face/body/energy of the awakening.  We are love and light and the best representative of.  It is time to get our awesome on!  Yet, in saying this, trust your now.  There have been some significant upgrades happening.  The body may be feeling in a variety of ways and often one just can’t push/rush it.  Sleep/rest may be needed.  Photonic light is running in our body and finding any areas that needs healing; one may need a few days to clear/allow the body to heal self.  Some are snowed in here in the states and this can make a great time to allow!  While the energy feels calm now, adult ADD moments may come, too – a lot of energy is running and it may be more than one bandwidth.

So for now, thank you for reading.  HUG and more soon.   Let there be light!   ((( ❤ )))

8 comments on “Some things have been… moved.

  1. Perfect beautiful wisdom!! So resonating, and the adult ADD is in full swing 🙃😍
    ……and there was Light! (((❤️)))


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