Be… flexible


And that seems to sum it up.  How’s that for short and sweet…?   😊

Open heart, mind, relaxed body.  Smiling… breathing.  All is well.  As often, this is a time of much shifting and things not always being as they seem.  Oh the layers.  Many may be feeling the body adjust and this may continue till the solstice (12/21)… possibly even a few days after.  Honor your body and process; check-in with self/soul.  The mind/clarity will come (full moon energy, 12/22).  Be mindful of your choices.  Remember who you are.  Tackle any challenges you feel ready to…  create/share/give joy…  and rest/go slow/meditate/honor as needed.  Be patient and kind (oh so simple) as it is all working out for your highest interest.  Namaste… and more soon.  ❤

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