Are we having fun yet…?


Oh I do hope so!  This can be a magical… peaceful… enlightening time.  We are still very much in a passageway and transformation continues.  

It can also be a busy, challenging, even somber time as this energy also is a party … ohhh…  part of life… as well as serves.

For some the body anchoring and adjusting in light continues.  While not all experience, the physical in body part of the journey/ascending is a process and can be quite a discovery/teacher/surprise and wowziers – it becomes a freefall into faith.  The last few months the accelerations have felt pretty much non-stop… yet … (hopefully) even more ease and grace; just a part of one’s life.  One of the messages has been that for some the body upgrading will be significantly less in 2019 and hardly at all in 2020.  I was asked what would I do if I had that time – as it takes time to do/allow.  O. M. G. as I reflected on this.  For me, it would be a lot/enough!!  Yet I know that the past several years of a natural process of healing/dna awakening/mind rewiring/cellular-organ-system changes and etc. – becoming a higher dimensional being here and now, while not always easy is a process and a gift.

So one may go from fine to needing to rest/check-in and like immediately.  Resting meditations have been energetically busy and special as images/feelings/messages come (and often go).  Rests may also be very calm.  Tones/frequencies/ear ringing have been frequent, one may feel heart expansions… or a deep need to chill


This video!  Water, fire, rainbow bridge, light hands, unity – too perfect!

So… can you feel it…??  Or maybe the question is… what are you feeling??  Peace, ease, joy and love are all options and one can re-set to this in and if only for a moment.  It is an energetic time… and on many levels yet it can also become just as simple/pure/clear.  Just take a breath. 

One may also reflect on this year of 11/mastery.  Good/great/awesome things have and are happening.  2019 will not disappoint either.  More small, big and different will happen.  For many exciting new updates/pull in to get to know the new self as well as terrain.

So as we do, we take this step by step into the sacred and amazing.  Happy solstice, full moon, Christ mas… and now.   In joy and enjoy…  ❤ 


P.S.  Oh I truly love how energy forms/reminds.  As I closed my laptop and went outside this small rainbow greeted me.  Smiling.  So I will also share one morning I was greeted by this circle/halo.  While I could elaborate on the symbolism…

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