Time to honor

Okay!  Just a quick checking-in loves and lights.  The energy has gone from calm/peaceful… even slow to more dynamic… particularly in body.  For me…

The past two evenings early to bed, early to rise and resting often.  Some of the inner body sensations have been intense/pumping/bumping/flowing and a variety yet… also able to ground/assimilate.  If a moment/wave is not of the pleasant type, I could recommend to rest/allow and it can pass quicker than you think.  Stay hydrated and eating light may also assist (yet at times food can also assist to ground).  An interesting thing is for the most part, no messages or visons per say yet I seem to know that for others, definitely yes.  Much may surface… reveal… or make it’s self know.  This may be personal or for the collective and both in glory… or an issue that needs to be healed/cleared/released.

So one may arise with their mind whirling, heart pumping or get an extra boost of energy throughout the day.  One may feel wide awake – your soul is awakening in a new way.  Emotions may also flow.  One may have a change in plans, heart, routine or tradition.  Trust your body/vessel/energy as well as outside events/energy that’s assisting you to navigate now.  (Overthinking not required.)  Oh dreams may also be connecting us, too.

We’ve just had solstice (balance), full moon (clarity/light/truth) and are rolling into birth and new energy.  We are finishing this year of 11 (2018) holding and being a much different frequency.

This is a time to do whatever brings you joy, satisfaction and just feels right.  This will be different for each and… perfect.  This is a time to honor… whatever is… and arises.  It can be simple/pure.  I do hope now is in joy… peace… laughter… and love.  In unity.  Blessings!

(((  ❤  )))

8 comments on “Time to honor

  1. I’ve been traveling over the holidays. Just finished a trip to Yosemite! Staying with my sister in California. Yes food can be very grounding for me and sometimes the foods you were taught are unhealthy have what you need. Healthy and unhealthy are subjective with one trend after another. At times McDonalds is healthier than Starbucks. At times Wendy’s which proves amble windows and seating is more comfortable than Starbucks. In the new world the same rules don’t apply. Even corporations like McDonalds and Amazon will be given the chance to transform. Lately I have been hearing many people talk about Amazon taking over everything and they are the trendy new corporation to stand against. Before Amazon it was Borders, which had beautiful stores that I miss. What you resist persists basic Law of Attraction 101. When foods, or what place to buy from, becomes just different sets of options, what is more beneficial to you will gravitate to you. What I am trying to say is I ate McDonalds on Christmas as the only place open for many cities around because of a surprise trip to Yosemite. It tasted good and didn’t disagree with my body.

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