Oh we continue…

For the fun of it.  For the mystery.  For the love and union/remembrance.  If you have other motives… well… that will be explored, too.

As it just might be true… pivotal… and the reason you are here.

This has been a season for being present/a gift.  And for many we’ve also been loading the next for days (weeks/years) now.

We are rolling form… ha… from a Master year of 11  (2+0+1+8)  to a Master year of 12.  One could say that all of the practice, as well as polish, of this year will serve us well.  The master number of 12 though holds more action/movement/creation/form energy.

Twelve/12 energy can also be a reference to 12D, 12 chakra’s, and more.  And after how much has shifted in just a year… can one imagine where/what we’ll be by 12/12 – 12 year  😉  2019 can also be a three/trinity (numerology) year – and this can play out interesting enough, too.  Both/all energy serves/benefits.  Interesting though as it is the 7 year mark for many who awoke in a new way in 2012.

There has been some receiving of the next layer of intel (which may pick up a previous thought/wondering/messages) as well as awakening/upgrading in the body.  There have been shifts yet they may not be known yet … or, subtle.  For some this has been the case for what seems like weeks/months now.

This can be a great time to review/reflect, broaden your horizons and as always be or do as you love and naturally are.  One may come to some rather significant a-ha’s all on one’s own.  It may feel like a time of close out/finishing yet one may also be experiencing potential new beginnings.  ❤  This is also a great time to chill… and/or spend time in your energy as it is special and holds unlimited possibilities.

I will also share a few notes.  We often mention creating/transitioning to/walking in New Earth.  Yet a message was… new earth… as in, ground.  We are/can/may always be (or at least this lifetime) in new terrain… verses a specific place/form.  new earth vs. New Earth.  Enjoy the exploration verses goal/form/a thing.

And I was asked to ponder on the symbolism of the nativity.  While there’s a lot, was also questioned on the celebration of birth in dire/not ideal circumstances.  Ahh… and how this has become such a celebration/holiday – as if to remind in several ways.  Christmas symbolism may continue – for many are in the 12 days … and gifts of – enjoy.

There’s also been some breakthrough energy.  If you feel the energy in the body, this may come out of nowhere and be a bit intense.  It may cause a temporary headache/nausea/body ache/etc.  Rest/breathe/love can assist.  We did have a brief electron flux, geostorm and starbursts just a few days ago.  And some of the energy pulses are not on any chart that I know of yet… often groups of us do feel it!

Now is also a perfect time to say, thank you!  For reading, commenting, sharing this journey with me/we.  2018 has been a year… yet, there is no time… just energy – and wowziers!  Into 2019 we stroll/roll/float/goooo.  Smiling…    ((( ❤ )))  Wishing all a year of being in flow – working with and in the universe – good spirits, happy and well.  We are!  Keep your lights on.   😉

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