In the glow of silence

I didn’t think I had much to share yet as I started to type…  So offering on different levels.  I can remember this time last year… being … so hopeful, having energy and writing often.  For several weeks now there’s been these previews/splashes of energy of excitement/intensity.  Yet then the energy seemed to shift and …

SLEEP!! took over yesterday.  We do have times where we just need more and for many reasons.  Here it was rainy as if to remind (let go/just flow).

There was/is a collective release of, disheartened.  This is to get us to, in heart space.  Some are/were disappointed as if saying – oh 2019 feels just like 2018.  Well… I could say, you just wait.  (Let’s continue to ascend this.)  We are creating our reality.  And some may still be in an energy (or hangover) of ascending holiday’s.  Holidays can serve as a trigger/reminder/healing/union moment.

We have a partial solar eclipse and new moon this weekend/now and also a possible (mild) geo storm.  Update, add in electron flux, too.  Eclipse’s and new moon’s are all about seeing/making peace/releasing darkness (as well as planting seeds).  And then… a total lunar eclipse (time/map info here)  with a super wolf full moon on the 21st… and, we may also have some increased solar wind/geo activity then, too.  Ahh… a lunar eclipse with a super full moon – interesting… and may even tie into the total solar eclipse of 8/2017 – gheez have we done some work since then.

For some the upgrades have been back-to-back/ongoing for months now.  I’ve noticed for the most part able to go/do yet in the lulls, they really are to be honored.  Ascending symptoms can feel close to medical conditions yet, a bit milder.  One may feel periods of heavy/malaise… and as each cell is changed, it can be anything!! (and in moments may seem intense yet the human body and mind -calm it- is resilient).  This can also present in emotions/mood.  I could remind to make yourself/energy/process your top priority.  From this, all will ripple out.

One may even feel as if they’re falling apart (or reaching a breaking point)… yet… this, too, is a great moment.  Coming back together in a new way.  One may also feel in moments gone/removed/energy in another space – yup.  I was reminded of, convoluted universe.

Self-regulating (our energy/reality) also seems to tie in.



So… silence/simple can truly become moments/gifts that are as good as it gets.

Here’s a perspective that may resonate:  Words are false… just a step… only in silence is there truth… allow it to surface.   Feel … and just remember what is free.

[  Silence is an area of practice/cultivated.  It’s comes over years/moments.  We use words here to try to relay/remind.  ]

There’s also been energy/reminders/lessons on forgiveness, surrender and alchemy.  They all weave together in ways, too.  The base for all is, love.

So one may now see that all is as it should be… perfect/divine… and that there are no problems/mistakes.  In 3D it’s easy to see problems and a need for action or a creative solution.  In 5D, there are no problems – it just is – and there’s such a sense of peace/respect/love.

In saying this, one decides what they enjoy and what they wish to do.  Often though it is a balance of both/all  (creating, doing, being, allowing).

One may also now see how to better flow and work in and with the Universe – oh it can be so simple.  This type of re-set though will be unfolding for several more weeks/months.  And during this time, don’t cut yourself short.  Pause… savor… explore any situation or energy as you need to – there is no rush.

Since these energies are often invitations and affect each differently, one may see another acting off/down/out.  Love them anyway… and even more.  We’re all in this together.  So… I’ll share these words yet please alter to your path:

I give permission to be blissfully happy. 

To be … worry free. 

To have more love… freedom… ease… peace.

To feel successful and supported in one’s desires. 

I feel this in every cell of my being ∞ as within… so without.


For 2019, I hold no predictions.  For me that would limit the possibilities; the unlimited.  Months ago I made a quick list of the upcoming months and energy just for fun.  A word came for each.  Try it and see what you get – what we practice does grow.  Allow it to surface and trust it.  The energy has been changing though swiftly so I’d bet those words may not even apply now.  We seem to be constantly alchemizing/ascending (possibly questioning) the energy.

Many of us though have been foretold that 2019 will be another pivotal year in awakening/ascending/etc!!  Even more will come to light and often this requires going into dark/unkown places.  If you’re in it for all sunshine, rainbows, roses and manifesting, well, that reality is also possible.  It may be that 2019 gives one the freedom to move onward/upwards… as well as back, sideways and any direction that one see’s fit.  One may have placed themselves in a “spiritual” place to realize that there are some who are so spiritually aware that they cut themselves off/hold to a set of beliefs.  Spirituality (in the macro) is not defined/a way/limiting.  Oh everything is Spirit in divine form.  Take a deep breath and expand your wings.  Welcome to 2019!   ❤


P.S.  Computer glitches galore!  Our energy/magnetics are changing.



5 comments on “In the glow of silence

  1. Love the sweater! Fits you well! It fits your personality as I have been able to perceive it! Keep shining! I’m ready for another vacation! All year I have been saying that visiting warm places in winter is the way to go and low and behold not even two weeks after returning from California I am Cruising on the 10th. I intend to become an Instagram star! Where I am required to travel (if I want) to get inspiration for more photos! The best part about my Instagram fame, is my photos are so effortless. While others wait for their food to get cold by taking the perfect picture.. I take seconds to get the picture and if I forget the picture I can always Instagram the plate. (I have totally done that multiple times.)

    I intend 2019 to be rainbows and cruises with trips to sunshine states and pictures of roses!

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    • Still heavy in the back, yet not quite as bad! Just taking it easy/resting. Much less emotional today, a lot of deep release yesterday, very helpful to just let it all move through me, then OUT!!
      Thank you for asking dear friend, and I ❤️ Ya!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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