Shifts… and accelerations

As I ponder on the word choice for now… knowing that I just share a piece/perspective… well, I could say that some are/have been feeling an intensity.  This can be in an exquisite energy… or/and as the body adjusts to this next level.     

So in one moment it can be like whooo/let me get back with you/need a time out… and the next, floating in a happy place.

Like other upgrades – whole body, mind, heart, gut, lower back, spine and etc. – there does seem to be an extended and ongoing lower body upgrade.  With much written on dropping the lower body… to now upgrade in form/reality… so that we can walk right in.

So one may need to be in their own space or notice that outside or extra noise/commotion/what may be considered routine is just too much in moments.  One’s energy is very much changing and fine tuning.  Moments for self, in nature or rest may be needed.

We have been ascending repeating loops, worries, waiting… and needing for anything to be different.  We actually cleared/elevated quite a bit from Christmas to the New Year.  One may find that they continue to clear a/their space, let go and whatever excuses one had… as if they’ve dissolved.

There may be though (also) the physical or external reminder to chill.  Oh January feels like, shift… shift, shift!   And often this takes time and space.

One may also be filtering an enormous amount of what I call vignettes.  These 20 second dreams/visions/thoughts/random yet also seem… … (as we’ve been here before yet now seem very current/possible/reality based).  If  it’s something one needs to do/discern on… trust that the energy will then pause and seem to repeat.  Otherwise, it can come and go.. and find it’s right place naturally.

Geometric shape overlays appeared in a rest so this may come up as a topic or reminder of current changes.  This can tie into sacred geometry, human autonomy, lye lines, light grid, the cosmos/stars, home here and etc.

And… I awoke one morning saying:  Higher accolades and trajectories have been secured and are to be (received).  All win. 

The next nest or adventure is soon to unfold – it has been well prepared/planned.

I’ve slowly been reading some of OSHO’s work.  Oh how it resonates like the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd.  So … let’s take a deeper breath.  Drawing in and down to our naval… pause… and up and out, like a circle.  Practice.   ❤

11 comments on “Shifts… and accelerations

  1. Interesting, as I think about it, that is exactly when I started having deep lower back discomfort, and honestly at first I attributed it to over working on my Elliptical, yet ghee I just did 30 min./5 miles! I thought, damn girl you getting old or
    I got another soak in this morning before walking the dogs, it helped some. 🙂
    A bit of spacey/confusion today to go along with the other ‘larger chunks’!
    YES!!! We do got this!! Big(((Hugs)))! ❤

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    • P.S. I dyed my hair a bit ago, just to keep things real….hahahaha!! Not too real though, it washes out in 24 shampoo’s…Cinnaberry 🙂

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    • Not all are feeling this one/pulse or how they are is a bit different for each yet I will say last Thursday was a significant shift in energy and we don’t seem to be out of it just yet… yet moments where it lifts. It is constantly changing so yippee to that. Cinnaberry – you go girl!! ❤


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