Let the light in


so you can become it.

Sounds easy, right…?  It can be.

It can start by just taking a deep breath (seriously, try it) … enjoying a quiet moment… and if you wish to read on, just checking in loves and lights/sharing a few things.

There’s been invitations to understand something new.  At times though it may feel as if one must let go of all they knew/worked for/crafted/mastered … or … possibly a topic that might not even seem to be of interest.  I could encourage one to explore a bit and then decided.  Often it is the next layer and in time links/connects/merges.  What is real and needed will always be … so really one has no thing to lose.

The new may be a personal shift, in intel, a new gift (to practice) and it may defy logic… or one’s former belief’s.  Many came out of the comfort zone/cocoon/safe harbor some time ago so hopefully this now feels more natural to embrace the freedom of possibilities.  How the new comes into your energy may be found in meditation/channeling/signs/a book/*new* friend/etc.

The body … may continue to feel achy/heat/chills… seeing light pows in meditation or sleep… having moments where it’s hard to ground/orient to time/place.  While one may even feel down/out in moments, trust that this energy is about (future) movement.  Tossing and turning more in sleep may also be a clue.

One may also notice that their energy ( vocal, written, being in the presence of )  has become sensitive – more/different than an empath thing.  This goes hand-in-hand with needing silence/space… being called inward.  One’s energy is going through a significant change and just doesn’t match old discussions/ways/places/groups.  This may be temporary or …    Honor (verses re-act) and it will adjust naturally.  Many are going through this and… just can’t lend energy/voice discussing (the old) as the new is coming in.

[  One’s tone ties into their vibration.  Interesting though as one reads/writes… it’s more a mind/processing thing and can help to get one to vocal with clarity.  Written word can be both timeless and… wiped (becomes old) in a still/zero point moment.  All  (vocal/written/presence energy)  can assist though in awakening/reminding/pointing each in the right direction.  ]

Isn’t it interesting all of this work/fun to get many of us back to how we came into this world – years of wondering, seeking, finding our kind, healing, shedding, embodying and etc!!  All to get back to neutral… unconditional… love.  So that we can live the life we were and are destined to live.

I’ve been following a thread on the topic of enlightenment… as well as fear of death (again)… and, the gift of our 3rd eye.  I hope to share more soon.  For now, this may be enough…




((( ❤  )))

P.S.  Do anything that feels like 111 (1/11) energy as it is now.  And… be kind… a simple gesture (while it may not seem appreciated) can make all the difference.

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