What is beyond ascending…?


I started this blog in 2015 not even knowing… yet thought I’d give it a try… and wished to at least share some inspiration.  Wow… where this journey has gone since then.  So now… years later… a whisper was…

What is beyond ascending…?

I just smiled.  I never even anticipated, ascending… so I can’t say that I ever thought on beyond.  So… Spirit wished to start a discussion on, enlightenment.  Oh I’ve shared that enlightening moments do happen often enough.  A-ha/wow/pow… an instant understanding/knowing/remembrance… and change.  Yet enlightenment as a permanent state of being (at least for me)… well… I cant say has ever been a goal.

In part because we may have an image of what this word means… (and it might possibly be a guru slowly walking/sitting/floating on a pillow in a glowing aura).

I think a reason for this coming up is many have not only awakened, ascended and embodied… any possibly in multiple ways… have been so diligent/faithful/trusting/patient… and still… well, many different descriptive words could be used here.

So, I will just share the discussion… as often I am just to open up the energy.

Enlightenment is beyond ascending… yet many fight it.  One of the reasons is … it may feel like a death… to the unconscious… and in a way it is… yet, haven’t we been here before…?  Letting go of the old… to become more…

For some reason I ask… well, what is beyond enlightenment?  Yet really I seem to mean, what is enlightenment…?

External Grace.

Enlightenment is not what you think.  It is a state of being.  Eternal bliss. 


Just be open to the thought and energy of enlightenment… as many still aren’t happy, happy, happy… and at ease… even after years of being “spiritual”.

I got this.  Honestly it is how I felt in a few moments mid 2018.  So I asked, how can enlightenment help?

It will give peace.  Not money.  Not security… yet a knowing and understanding. 

It is the open door… always open. 

This was now tying into some practice I was doing with the/our 3rd eye.  While I’ve believed and experienced for years now… more recently practicing in a conscious way.  Before I seemed to experience as it naturally opened or felt one of those wowzier dmt/pineal gland openings/pulses of light energy.  Now though, visiting/being with this eternal eye/vision/portal.

[  I’ve often mentioned filtering – rapid visions that just happen and letting them come and go.  When I consciously connected with my 3rd eye, it happened immediately vs. randomly happening in a rest/meditation… and sent me to bed almost immediately.  A whirl of energy yet, within minutes all was clear again.  ]

If one is interested in enlightenment… either in moments or as a state of being… or consciously working with their 3rd eye… ponder or be with the word/spot/energy in meditation or a quiet moment in nature.  In a very relax nature… otherwise stone will block.

From my wonderings thus far, enlightenment is very simple and pure.  Less words.  It contains the practice of witnessing/observing… peace… as well as a good dose of humor/the laughing Buddha.  Longing/needing also has been purged or is significantly less.  Honestly so different than 3D and even an average-amazing spiritual life.  I think many of us actually do like the dynamics and being in the play of our reality.  So… all paths and ways are equal… yet, one may wish to explore.

Namaste  ((  ❤  ))

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