Oh this energy


If you’re energy sensitive/a forerunner/align with ascending/etc. … now may be one of those times we feel.  While many are in their norm or bliss (of the new year/now moment)… others are feeling an ¡Ay, caramba!

!!  Oh the energy is always changing.  So it may be a cross between a mini hibernation (or feeling the need for one) and feeling off/strange/a pause/funk/ s-t-r-e-t-c-h /growing pains.  Yet…  also an awareness.  Knowing we’re anchoring and allowing (the next/new) and again surrendering (the old).  The veils of the multi-earth seem thin so be open to experiencing and enjoy.  Upgrades and heart expansions continue.  The inner light is becoming intricate designs, too.

One may need to take a conscious breath often/break and/or include other’s in their unique process (to be supported).  All is well… and we continue.   ❤


Artwork by krystleyez

6 comments on “Oh this energy

  1. “Oh this energy”….Wowziers!! Feeling a bit strange may be an understatement, OTHER WORLDLY may work…lol, and THE BEAT GOES ON!!
    I have noticed that I’m seeing flashes of light when my eyes are closed 😊

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    • Annette, that’s how it started for me (mostly in meditations). Then they became pows! This morning beautiful designs like lace, snowflakes, kaleidoscopes. Often a sign our 3rd eye/pineal gland is clear/pumping and what or body is integrating.
      Have some busy road construction here today on a normally quiet street – symbolic.
      And the beat goes on… (( ❤ )))


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