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I am reading Vijnana Bhairava … or I will say one of the translations.  The science of the highest state of consciousness.  There are many translations/commentaries – dating back to 1918, while the original Vedic text… 1100 BC.  Considered Western/Hindu and over the years I’ve been reminded by others of the difference between Eastern and Western philosophies/spirituality… yet this seems to bring up one of the points…

Duality.  Trust that I often use the word choice of  one  for a reason.

I was reflecting the other day how my path for years now occasionally morphs/blends – also happening for many.  And, Wow would be an understatement.  For me from experiencing an awakening, years of deep and profound healing, ascending (and descending), embodying, leveling out… and the (light) body adjusting!  The angelic, galactic, shaman, human and etc.  And… to now find tantra also so resonates.

The translations can be over 1200 pages regarding 112 techniques and is not meant to be rushed.  Maybe I will get through it this year; maybe.  At this point, it’s more just a natural bubbling up and sync.  For many, it is a practice and multi year process.

Interesting though as over a hundred pages in and thus far tantra has nothing to do with tantric/sex… or at least not yet.

While I’ve made many notes thus far from OSHO’s version, will try to just pass along a few small pieces.

“Unless you are receptive, ready, vulnerable to the experience, it is not going to come to you.”  This resonated/has been … and I could also say that just now (after years and many experiences) could I appreciate this body of work.

“Tantra will not give you the answer; tantra will give you the technique to attain the answer.”  OMG – this has been my process!  And… “Answers can be given – they are all lies.”  Answers just assist us to get to the next level.

Tantra is about being open, liberated, in communion and dialogue.  A language of love.  Tantra is about transcending the mind – which job is to process and label everything into good/bad/etc. as well as work/be on overdrive/can be machine like or primal – looking for a problem.  Tatra is all about going beyond duality, problems, survival and fear.   “Everything is divine, everything is holy.”  I understand this… yet let me share that I wouldn’t have a decade ago.

For close to two decades I’ve enjoyed occasional yoga (knowing it’s not my sole/soul path/way)… and discovered there are differnt types.  For some it is the way so I found this perspective interesting:  “In the eyes of tantra, yoga is a deep suicide.  You must kill your natural self – your body, your instincts, your desires, everything.  Tantra says accept yourself as you are.  It is a deep acceptance.  Do not create a gap between you and the real, between the world and NIRVANA.  Do not create any gap.  There is no gap for tantra; no death is needed.  For your rebirth, no death is needed – rather, a transcendence.”   😊

Tantra offers breathing awareness/exercises (we breathe to shallow and this ties into our vitality)… as well as a better understanding on dreams, death, surrender – you are not your body (which may assist one who’s in pain, etc.).  Tantra is about being your innocence… (and how we lost/forgot it) and any emotion one feels.  Anger is often mentioned as an example and interesting as I’ve believed in the power of authentic anger (AA)/being real.  While often a stage or just a moment, it can be healthy and productive.

A part two/series may come as the reading continues.  Feel free though to seek/read/ponder/practice as you may also find much resonance.   🙏   ❤

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  4. Hi Molly, this is a great post! I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where one could start with this.
    It was really wild, I had a dream of a wise old woman telling me it was time for me to start practicing Tantra, and then the next morning I opened your blog and read this post. This was last month, a few days after you posted this, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

    Thanks for sharing

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