Today is like no other


While the signs have been of celebration, this may also be a time of …

endings… which (in time) means, new beginnings

surrender = Surrender = free and open up your mind and energy

((  heart expanding  ))

more pieces of the puzzle coming together and/or secrets being revealed; a-ha!     knowing = knowing.


We’ve had electron flux’s since Wednesday evening (1/16) so one may have been feeling the body release/adjusting to more light.  This may have moments of mood, little to no motivation, memory lapse and dreams!  One may also though have energy/moments of getting organized/cleaned up/complete/letting go of stuff.

[  I will share that if one has been wondering/struggling through the physical upgrades – I get this!  I often mention I never expected when they started years ago.  In stages and ways I shifted from worry/fear to understanding and acceptance.  This though may not be enough (as they continue/increase).  Can one love, love, love and welcome them…?  ??  Well… maybe… maybe not.  Yet one can love your vessel/process/life/now … and make peace in ways/stages.  A conscious breath, rest/self-care as well as continue to feel the support of your earth bound and beyond team can assist.  Create joy moments, too – please.  ]

And… the lunar eclipse at 12:12 a.m. here along the east coast of the US seemed to sync with this 2019/12 year (yet also a three/trinity).  Sharing a few pics – oh it was a cold and windy night… yet also very special to see.


So… where do we go from here…?  Haha… Everywhere!

(((  ❤  )))


1/22 UPdate:  Electron flux’s continue… and solar wind forecasted for Thursday (1/24).  More info, if interested, noted on 2020 fb page.

8 comments on “Today is like no other

  1. (((❤️))) Absolute amazing pictures!! Thanks for braving the cold/wind to capture these wonderful images!!
    P.S. Body today is feeling SO much better, gheeze maries I was wondering if it ever would again, as this has been one heck of a LONG upgrade! 😜

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