Some gates are just bigger


And this one seems to be… and  w-i-d-e  open.

If you follow along here, ya know I am usually pretty chill about ascending energy although yes, at times it knocks socks off.  The term gate is often used in spiritual writing – basically an energy that wasn’t available before.  A passageway.  When a gate opens, any/all are welcome to experience.  One may feel this in their body, knowing/messages or in signs/dreams.  And…

… at times gatekeepers can feel a gate closing and will encourage any on the fence to come on in and play.

It’s interesting though as years ago I was in a group discussion and realized how certain words/roles hold many different meanings.  Some look at gatekeepers as a bad/controlling thing.  LOL, it doesn’t have to be.  It can be a gift as we all feel, discover and encourage others.  It can be a great way to find our kind/connect… and is just one of many, many ways.

At times in the journey, gates open and close often.  We play in a new/different vibe for a little while and this can make all the difference.  We become aware/conscious of, more.  And then back to processing/working/being the energy in our reality.  From my perspective gates are different than portals.  Becoming the energy verses visiting.  And gates may be viewed as steps/stages/next level/timeline shifts/bridges/pods yet can also hold other meanings.

So with this one, it feels as if months of work has gone into it – what one/all has done in their reality (choices/actions) and/or as their body has been tuning up.  It has been an energetic time.  Holidays and now electron flux’s for a week! (assisting the body to upgrade), starbursts (like calls from home/star origin), full moon, lunar eclipse… and, a brief solar wind is incoming.  None of this though is or needs to be urgent/alarming.  Been going on for eons, a very natural process and we take the next step/leap.  One doesn’t necessarily need to do anything as you are and have been.

Gates can also be the mirror/ripple/preview of what’s also going on in the much larger multiverse.

So as we stroll into the newer energy, I could encourage that expectations/baggage/old be left at the door.  Travel light and have child-like wonder, excitement and appreciation.  The energy is often a surprise.  It may be remembrance, clarity or receiving something one has long been working on manifesting yet … how this presents may be not as one thought.  It’s rarely what one thinks and, this is the point – to expand a bit unto the unlimited.

When gates are open one may feel thin veils… as if multiple realities are happening… distortions in time… surges in energy and etc.  Several different energies may come one’s way and grounding/keeping it simple may be best.  One may also experience… nothing/no thing… zip/nadda and wonder, what was all that about??  Some waves are subtle and can sneak up on one later.  See what presents, enjoy meditation and trust your unique and perfect process and energy.

So interesting here as Mother Nature mirrors.  A wind advisory, high surf alert and a rain front will be passing over tomorrow.  Smiling… and let’s see how now unfolds.  ❤



And an update… one may have what seems like an overwhelming/intense reality or  negative energy present/resurface – it may feel like a relapse/purge.  We just had an eclipse and while one may feel or experience, it doesn’t mean that it is.  It can wash over and recede or be offered up – don’t claim/stay stuck.  Be patient, hold in perspective and shift as needed/use your skills.  (((  ❤  )))


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