Be in your knowing


Or I could say your process – which may include quite a variety.  While I’ve started a longer post (which I may or may not get back to)… for now, short and sweet.  Some older posts though – just the words/reminders may alone be enough and cover some of the possible current energy.

Divine neutralityBeing humble.  Being… Triggered.  And let’s add, redefining one’s spiritual journey and life.  Dynamic times indeed yet it can also be so good/simple.  Just breathe and follow your heart/soul/path.  To thy own self be true.

This has been a pow-powerful week in our journey/evolution/body yet one may not understand/see just yet.  Many moments!  While much feels stable now, many shifts, flips, openings and oh the ripple effect that will happen.  One may need time with self (to include self-care, journaling, etc.) – silence may be golden… as well as with others and/or in nature.

(((  ❤  )))


P.S.  As it has been for some time, there may be a moment/layer of old/sadness/dark nightish.  Let it come and go and tip/be to who you are – love and light incarnate.  (Yes, we still seem to be clearing some density/heavy energy/dna.)  Now is a time of balancing our inner and outer energy and reality.  Also… to remember that for many of us, life here and now is about moments… verses any goal.  Consider in/enjoying – all is well!

P.S.S. /UPdate:  While an older post… some parts relevant now – the quickening.  Expect awakenings to happen, this would be for new and already awoken.

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