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One could say I’ve been appreciating this past week and the energy.  It does seem to be a catalyst.  In the past I’d try to keep up with it (and share often) yet have learned that wasn’t the point.  So privately writing and noting a lot has been the way. 

Oh we didn’t start here – there would have been no way… and, here we now and wow are.  😊  So…  too many notes/🎵 to share.  This will just be more of a humble/personal perspective.

For me, now has been the cherry on top of a mighty big energy sundae.  Ta-da!!  Many in the light tribe are feeling and how this is and will play out is a game changer.  Now is having a large ripple and sustaining effect (more than we may realize).  A new tone and frequency, too.

We are each going through certain processes (at times very similar).  We experience mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and reality phases and layers.  I’ve been experiencing what seems like next level and non-stop inner body transformations for months now.  For the most part, able to go/do/be yet also very aware.  And then with the increase in solar activity this past week, a whole new level.  I could say that it’s been, intense… at times uncomfortable… very … even in my understanding of this amazing process.   Usually this is when I spin all to positive yet it’s also okay to be HUmanly honest.  One may find themselves processing different or more energy than they wish or think is possible.  Oh I see why many change tracks.  One may see as an initiation or just… serving.  One may though find themselves questioning ascension and their role/participation – this is a good thing.  Find your answer.  It may be your knowing, healing, creation of a lightbody, for the collective good/evolution, to walk into new earth or to be a part of a beautiful story.  It may even be in fear, or faith… love or for the mystery.

So for those really feeling this time/energy… while certain ways assist (rest, conscious breathing, patience, love, grounding and etc.),  one may need to also be open to new ways to allow/adjust/be at peace, ease and in grace.  I can chuckle as it can be so simple as the pows (solar wind, flares, electron flux’s, starburst and etc.) may give no other choice.  Whatever you had planned, well…    Continue to check-in with self/soul/universe for assistance and guidance.

This has been a time to observe, wonder, realize and question many things.  And as always, it’s been interesting what arises and the actions that are able to be completed.  The energy is about … and to change, yet again.  For many from inner to outer.  And we’ve definitely mixed it up so this ought to get interesting.  I smile – trust that the Universe surprises.  ❤

6 comments on “receive and process

  1. “A new tone and frequency, too.” Just heard a new tone last evening as I was starting in from my porch, one that I had not heard before, I stopped to make sure where it might be coming from, well it subsided, slowly but surely.
    Oh my, SO much moving/changing…..a little story if I may, lol
    Yesterday was such an incredibly low day, yet I just honored and accepted the best I could. I have needed to grocery shop, but just can’t seem to get myself out/into doing it, so I decided to use the Walmart Grocery Service, shop on line, then drive over at the time I specify, which in this case would have been Saturday between 11-12, and they load up all the groceries, and BAM done!! Well this all seemed great at the time, peacefully shopping from the comfort of my home, but then this morning I awoke to major anxiety, and feeling quite overwhelmed! I had to check in with self to figure out where/why these feelings were surfacing…..well it was merely the volume of food that I was purchasing, you see I am one to keep it simple with the food department, as my appetite SHIFTS so very often, so basically I keep the main staples, and then when the creative juices flow I go get the things I need.
    Well Spirit definitely had my back in this process, had I set the timing for pick up today, I would not have been able to cancel the order because the wonderful person that was shopping for me would have already got started!!!
    Anyway, long story short……Annette needs to remember to keep it simple/be in the NOW! Don’t believe I will make it out again today, but I have a small list for my husband, and we will have a lovely dinner this evening. Tomorrow!? Well I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!!! Thanks for reading, and Big Love and Hugs Miss Molly!!
    This was a WODERFUL post…..THANK YOU, for all you share, you are SO incredibly SPECIAL! (((❤️)))

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    • Annette!! YOU are so incredibly special!! ❤ Our body are really feeling now and this is/may be for some part of it. So thank you for sharing. Simple – yes. I, too, have had periods of not being out/about as I'd normally be as the body is changing. It can challenge us and definitely a 3D mind/life. We trust/allow… breath/love… and come out again soon enough in a new and better way. BIG HUG!! ((( ❤ )))


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