Get over your timeline

Ohhh  I say this lovingly… and jokingly… and seriously.  We are coming out of upgrades/processing and for some they may be greeted by a variety of energies.  One may be hitting the ground running/in knowing/a new way … yet, also may need/know to pace self.  One may also have/feel such peace, joy and love.  Or …

Feel a reality energy smack/shift.  This may be a test… or, true.  Trust that the universe/higher-self  hands off  and places exactly what we need in our path/face/reality.  Many have experienced jumping as well as dissolving (old) timelines and this may/can be the last of it.  All/any is assisting to be/choose our best now and reality.

I could say it’s early in this new energy and much is to unfold.  Patience.  With the process… body… self and others… and evolution/life in general.

Think on it as being in the ocean as a surfer.  There are many possible waves to ride.  At times though one just enjoys being in the ocean… as well as some waves, once chosen, fall flat/crash… or provide an exhilarating ride.

As we turn outward… if one is in wondering if they should partake in an invite/gathering/event/situation… a question that may assist is… can I naturally be who I AM…?  Does this feel real/now/who I’ve been prepared to be?  Yup, may be a bit of a stretch yet we’re growing into and up quickly now.  Hopefully one will feel the energy and smile/know.  One may also ask, what is my role? … and see how that feels in body/energy.  Oh we still have much to learn… offer… and, be.

If one has/is a note taker… now may be a good time to look over recent messages again.  Now, in a new vibe (that is changing every day) expanded meaning may surface.  It always surprises me that often the simple one line reminders from Spirit can hold many meanings.  As we are ready, we see and understand.

So thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with me.  Blessings and Godspeed!

(( ❤ ))


P.S.  We are creating our multiverse and reality/new life.  Notice the patterns of lessons/events that come and go… each time to the next level.  Interesting as the universe, process and shifts seem to naturally move us along (verses staying with a thought/energy).

P.S.S.   In a reality there have been state of emergency warning for weeks now.  Oh just remember who you are… not in any state of emergency.  In peace, ease, grace, timing, knowing… and love!

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