A new level in your souls journey

I’ve been away… yet… it’s one of the things I love about  “the”  and my journey.  Life happens.  Since starting this blog it’s been a balance.  With each moment/step/leveling up, so comes on a personal level, too.  Some are easy…

so divine, profound… and easy to share.  And some are… well… in moments intense and what seems like in a challenging way.  Yet, there is still a beauty and perfection that is beyond words.  Oh to be present, experience and evolve.

When one ponders on migrating/ascending realities… this may become very much in reality and form.  Reality needs you… us… and it is happening.  Some of these pulses so rock the light tribe, too… (never underestimate a lightworker).  So let’s be patient/kind/supportive to all.

So just a checking-in.  Some may have/are experiencing a collapse/death/rebirth, reset, clean up, reality transfiguration, new truth or way surfacing.  And/or just the continuing of the body adjusting and shifts.  There does seem to be yet another significant in body light assimilation happening (be kind/loving/supportive to self-mind-body).

It’s also been interesting as there’s been messages/guidance on a word for a few months now.  Enlightenment.  And often, laughing buddha like.  I could say that what I personally needed to remember/understand (at this time) may not be what was/traditional or thought… and that it may require the utmost surrender… and won’t be found if one seeks it.  We’ve shared many enlightening moments -they do happen often enough- yet it can become an energy that just is and subtlety sneaks in and permeates.  So I could add… whatever mission you were on… well…  a new vibe may be unfolding.  Trust it.  It is interesting to reflect back on many stages in this journey.  Awakening, ascending, 5+D… healing, being in service, embodying and… now to allow all and be.  Ascending is designed perfection… and can become a complicated science for those who (in mind) need it.  It can also be so simple, easy and pure…

More… soon… ❤


P.S.  Some may, at any time, experience what could be labeled or felt as a harsh/brutal reality.  Some of us have deeply encoded stories/energy/reasons to be here and now.  One will shift to a higher/other place when ready.  One may not know this in the moment yet, will soon see… and smile again.  Oh, there’s no more running/hiding as all is brought to light.  And… even good stories at times need a bump, too.   😊  This is what we’ve been created for.

P.S.S.  One may notice re-occurring karma/timelines/realities.  Now being able to see with clarity – this would be one’s cue.  One may also experience walk in-out energy.  All that one has remembered applies now.

9 comments on “A new level in your souls journey

  1. I was in such a meditative state last night. I woke up tired and grumpy. I noticed I was barely breathing early on and really had to focus on taking deeper breaths. It was as if my whole system had slowed overnight. It felt as if my heart was beating slower along with the shallow breath. So I grabbed a cold brew coffee to jolt my system. It helped a little but I still felt I was in an altered state. I recall sometimes in deep meditation my breath slows like this to the point I need to remind myself to breathe.

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