Greif and the Spiritual Path


When one thinks of an ascending/embodying spiritual path… grief might not be one of the top words that comes to mind.  And the term  grief  is mostly used with the loss of a loved one.  Yet… there are/may be moments were grieving is the appropriate word and thing to do.  Ascending and the journey isn’t always easy.   Yes… it is full of amazing and glorious moments yet also those in-between…

raw… and vulnerable… in such an honest and pure way.  While some tend to shy away from topics such as this… I love embracing them.  There are so many moments… ways… and all divinely perfect.  Nothing to suppress or fear.

[  It’s always interesting what ends up being written.  Many !! energies run right now.  So we’ll see where this goes/what gets published or re-blogged during this time as we all play a role.  Some may or may not resonate – perfect!  ❤  ]

Grief… as an energy, can be a powerful state, acknowledgement… shift… surrender… and way to a new.

Grief is different that depression, SAD, a dark night and etc. yet, some elements may intertwine.  It can come up (and at times out of the blue) and… be released in a moment. Or, it may take the gift of time.  It can’t be rushed yet can be tended to.  Love self and let others love and support, too.  And grief can certainly ebb and flow.  Tears can assist in releasing, opening (heart space) and for the needed bio-chemical changes in our vessel.

While grief may be a personal loss… a spiritual journey for some is an exploration of personal and relationship issues in a varying degree… fear, darkness, sadness, suffering… let down, betrayal… (old or current) pain.  One is not to stay stuck in any of these energies yet may need to fully feel and experience them.  The other side is understanding… gratitude… joy… peace… and may even be bliss.  A new found freedom, too.

So a deeply devoted spiritual path and life, while it may be a walk in the park, all sunshine and roses… may also come with some sacrifices… let downs… confusion… adjustments (and like a lot that may or may not happen naturally or gracefully) … and even times of suffering/pain/challenge.

I could remind that all will be restored … yet how and when may not be as the mind thinks/anticipates.  Embrace grief… joy… all and any moment that arises.  ((  ❤ ))

10 comments on “Greif and the Spiritual Path

  1. Oh I know this type of grieving, and it truly does show up out of the blue, and most times cleared/released as fast as it showed up, but not until I’ve cried inconsolably!! It’s a DEEP feeling of loss, and I’ve always thought it was directly linked to my Ascension Process.
    Big love and hugs Molly dearest! (((❤️)))

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