Pave a Joy Path

Amongst all the other vibes running, there is also a consistent one… and that would be of peace and joy.  Gratitude and a reverence/revenant pause.  During these energetic times… oh yes please!

And that may be all one needs to read.   😊  Enjoy!

Are you still reading…??


Okay!  Some had a wowzier 222… other’s not.  It was interesting to glance at the post written last 222.  As well as one on joy , too.

We have solar wind incoming and forecasted to start mid-week.  This one may last a bit longer than our last few briefer brushes.  One may have an increase in spiritual connection – for many that was/is the 222 (ongoing) gate.  It can also trigger events in reality.

No worries… open up… all is as it should be.  If things though have been or felt challenging/stagnant… check your chi/life force.  Clear/zero point… listen and follow your heart/gut/guidance and proceed again when ready.  Align/try from your core/temple-template/energy.

((  ❤  ))



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