What do the charts mean??

Years ago I noticed some of these charts in online groups with a few likes. There was often little to no explanation and, I had no clue. Yet then I noticed when I was having a particularly high… low… odd or surreal day, these charts seemed to surface.  So…

I asked around and was guided a bit (in gratitude).

I continued to observe… stayed open to guidance from Spirit… did homework… and just lived my experience.  I wished to better understand though as I was soo feeling.  Like, can one become that in tune with Mother Earth?  The Universe..??  Yes.  Over time, I saw patterns yet also shifts.

So this is just an expanded sharing as often I/others share these and several have more recently asked… can you explain… simply??  Well… I will try.  This is mixing and making a possible bridge of science and spiritual.

Honestly there are many charts, ways (and this may not resonate at all – perfect! as many have no need to know.  The old me – nope.)  And… I might not have this right.  Please … due diligence… ask questions… trust your knowing… and share your perspective.

So… for now I’ll review these four.

Planetary K which captures Solar wind/geo unrest and storms on Earth (and can be found at: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/observations )

One may also see URGENT alerts yet, I don’t see it as such.  It can affect those with pacemakers, power grids, satellites/spacecraft and electronics/cell phones.  Yet on a personal level, one doesn’t need to be on an ALERT vibe.

How the collective, “asleep” and awake experience ranges.  A pattern I noticed was when planetary K was high, so was the general population’s anger/aggression/rush; a release of energy.  Yet for those who are in spiritual process, anger is addressed/cleared and a new peace/freedom/bliss comes.  Spiritual connection/remembrance/experiences becomes more… as if veils have been lifted.

Often this chart just fluctuates in green between two and three.  Yet when planetary k is low… or in the basement/0… it can seem too quiet, emotions like ho-hum/depressed (I notice stats for articles on suicidal thoughts go up).  Life and time can seem in  s – l – o – w  mode.  The body may feel off, pain, heart expansions (which may seem concerning).

Solar activity can affect our autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system.  One may experience an increase in heart rate/related issues or digestion/”digestion”/gut issues – often releases.   Solar activity can also desynchronize our circadian rhythm – our biological clock and can affect our pineal gland (third eye) and melatonin (which can cause sleep disturbances/changes).

And interesting as often a sign for me, a windy day, often does mean solar wind is incoming.  Over the years there have been other signs, too.  At times one will need to go slow/proceed with caution/keep is so-soul simple as the body processes the energy – either high or low.

Geostorms which are often caused by sun spots, prominence’s and openings can also trigger many small/personal as well as larger worldly events… and a ripple effect for each and all.  As above, so below and vice versa!


Electron Flux:  Now this could take on a long discussion of how the (light… plasma…) body changes. We’ll hold that discussion for another time.  Awakening dna, healing and changing our aura/vibration is not just (woo woo) talk.  It’s a very real thing.

Often the electron flux flows four lines mid chart… yet one may intimately feel when it pegs down. This may be for a few hours… or, days!!  Often like the chart that ironically looks like a well-supported bridge, it can happen in intervals over days.  Electron, proton and nuclear changes are happening… and often one will feel FLU ish – Frequent and Frequency Light Upgrades.  These can feel a bit much on the body… and mind.  Reprioritizing/letting go, self-care, love and patience will become the new.

[ just an observation – blue may symbolize mood and red may be more the body upgrading/changing ]

Gamma/sun burst’s which can also be from another star constellation.  The data/charts can be found:  https://gcn.gsfc.nasa.gov/swift_grbs.html

For some time I’d feel in my chest/heart space.  A pow-expansion, I’d go check and sure enough. These can be experienced as a high of spiritual energy and one may find it hard to ground/just floating in bliss.  They can also come as a reminder to tune up, with messages, visions and/or clarion calls.  I often find the graphs interesting in themselves – as if showing “landscape”.

The Schumann resonance is the earth’s heartbeat.  Often the chart is blue green yet lights up white when the resonance rises.


One of the steps in a spiritual journey is to get back to a (normal) rhythm… to lower one’s heart rate.  This is meditation and ties into brain waves/theta state.  And this may take years of practice.  In the quiet periods (both individually and for Earth), one sync’s in lower/slower heart waves.  Yet then during the spikes… this, too, can affect melatonin, serotonin, blood pressure, immune, cardia and neurological process.  Change in blood flow, increase adrenalin… when honestly many of us have worked towards lowering our adrenal functions.  Yet as we clear, then we can have a closer connection in the increases, too.  Again, how this affects us/each can vary.  Some sleep, dream and upgrade during the white outs.

Now, should one check these charts often…?  Well, I can’t recommend necessarily.  I do this for fun, lol.  Based on experiences before I found these charts also know that one will experience what is… and just fine with no mental understanding or heads-up.  It may though assist the mind – understanding aids in relaxing our body into the process.

((( ❤ )))


While my default is writing, it’s been on my radar to make a video as some need to see/hear to understand verses read all these words… soon.  😊  Will also just leave this here as I’ve been meaning to write more on photonic light, too.



4 comments on “What do the charts mean??

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  2. (“It may though assist the mind – understanding aids in relaxing our body into the process.”)

    Since I have been following along with you as you share these charts, I just had a ‘knowing’ without knowing exactly what they meant, now I check in with them on my own as it DOES assist the mind/relax my body into the process, honestly it truly does, as sometimes I can feel pretty ‘wigged out’, and fall into FEAR verses FLOW.
    THANK YOU, this was a very good explanation Molly!

    P.S. Will look forward to more videos, however I enjoy reading ALL these words, YOU are one AMAZING writer!😍

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