I often oscillate in my writing styles.  At time I relay from the human/HUman perspective.  As it is happening.  Change/transformation.  Other times as a channel/vessel/messenger… in knowing.  Oh many ways and seeing all as divine!

So I could say that I/many have been feeling this more recent energy.  For me receiving/forerunning energy that is very new while also clearing what feels like another mother load !!  !!

Some of the themes have been death/rebirth, transformation – which is an active and ongoing vibe… as well as truth surfaces… and life goes on.

There’s also been an energy that is of surrender/peace… neutrality like one may not have previously experienced.  ((( ❤  )))  Savor… enjoy!

I can look back at notes from two weeks ago where the words were, your vessel is going through a huge transformation.  This is not a time to be/do more.  Jut hang on, find joy in the simple.  Yup!  Stay the course as there may be a few obstacles or bumps.

Well… we float… verses sink.  If anything is dragging you/your energy down, one may need to identify and simplify where energy is invested.  To surrender/free it up… verses attracting a next reality/work.  Stay in heart space/centered/true to your amazing energy.    ( I could remind that misery loves company. )

We’ve also been in an active electron flux and solar wind so the body may be feeling much.


The level of light for some will be large and in charge.

And there is an energy of… what is obvious may not be.  This too should shift to simple and clear… or, clear your energy to see… ask for guidance… or just give it time.

The energy has and may often shift.  One may rest and actually not feel better/refreshed.  Or go to rest in one state to awaken in quite another.  Please… just love self and others.

If you’ve been doing some “dark” work (and possibly sharing) or healing – amen and kudos.  It is a way to get to authentic.  One may also need to surrender to any mood/the unknown/not what ya thought as some shifts are just bigger.  And often as a new energy emerges, one may also experience random/filtering.

March, as a month, holds much opportunity… and symbolism.  Lions, lambs, Lent/40 days, Mercury retrograde (new moon time), Pi day/infinite possibilities (3/14), shamrocks, time springing ahead, equinox and first day of spring for the Northern hemisphere (March 20th), followed by a full worm super moon on the 21st.  Oh… bless be the way.  Bless be the day.    ☘ 🍀

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