We have yet to realize our true potential



And really that is all I have to remind on that topic.  As often… we are moving along to a variety of other energies/topics.  Yet please do seek within/meditate and then again since even after years of the journey, we have little to no clue 😉  A never ending discovery!

Some are, or soon will be, feeling a new energy.  Ahhh…  It may start with the feeling of lightness/relief… and a few new knowing’s.  Shifts may also now be easier – amen!

Some of the inner body work may have felt very heavy/slow/never-ending.  The inner experience can’t be masked.  What goes on in the inside is often also shown on the outside.  I chuckled one day saying, my dna was having a hard time.  Many connect/find their kind as these “seasons” of body transformation extend – some wondering when the energy/passion/knowing/way will come.  Remember this is not like the old way.  Doing and goals can be good yet often go by the wayside as one becomes present/grateful/centered/balanced/anew.  This is truly an amazing experience.  Yes, some moments may be a challenge to love… yet we seem to embrace all again.

One may also experience in mood/energy level… reality…  For some, stress may return and one will quickly see that our (light) body is not able to survive long in stress.  We must shift and be who we are.

One morning I awoke with the word, Unity Consciousness.  Many of us have heard/used this word.  I read a few online articles that did and didn’t resonate.  Trust that each holds/offers their own perspective and so more will be coming.  This seems to tie into… part of the process for many (conscious or unconscious) is to repeat a story that has long been told.  And there are many ways to relay.  Now though (with help from the internet/plethora of books/teachers) it may be easier to find/reach more masses/more are becoming aware.  Unity Consciousness is a shift and happens on an individual and collective/global/universal level.  Others words could be used such as:  One, Light encoded, enlightened, understanding/respect/reverence.

For some who’ve taken on a spiritual path… and thought/hoped it would be easy/instant… haha!  I do remember decades ago hearing of one’s who had a life yet then devoted their life to their/the study of Spirit.  It’s as if they knew it will be a lifelong thing.  Some now (as we live in an instant world) who’ve spent years/decades having or had divine experiences/moments/knowing’s/etc. … yet… it still may not be enough.  Burnout/attitude/giving up may be temporarily or a more major shift.  At times we do leave the path (yet not) to rediscover.

I remember when I read Gene Keys last year.  While the book speaks of many things, one of the themes was struggle.  When one starts a spiritual journey, one of the reasons may be to end any struggle.  And this does happen for many.  Yet… one may also be surprised that cycles continue and into the next we go.  Interesting as Spirit advised months ago to do the best one can despite any “minor”/perceived setbacks.

I’ve been reading more on tantra.   Interesting coming from an angelic/lightworkers/cosmic/energy-vibration yet also shaman mix to have so many buddha like principle resonate.  Oh I really do like the laughing Buddha.  From my perspective, it is a way to end the suffering/highs/lows/patterns.

And… we’ve all heard, trust your gut.  Yet this journey also has a lot !! of work on one’s mind… heart… and overall energy.  OSHO was relaying that we’re all born with a primary center – our gut… and, it knows.  That our mind and heart are… developed.  And to each a very unique experience.  This got me to pause – how true.  This may also be why some fire from heart space… mind/intel space… other spaces… or firing on/from all cylinders.

And, have you ever felt that your mind will tell you one thing, heart another… and gut a third??  The process to get all in communion may be easy or seem as if a choice.  Our heart and mind are still very much in development here.  Here to experience/learn/change/evolve.  And this is why many also have a period of healing/unlearning/opening/being… and this takes the gift of time.  So the mind or heart may seem to lead astray… yet not/yearns for an experience.  No wrong choices.  One can though truly trust their gut.  It may take some uncovering-clearing/meditations/time yet it is a gift born to all of us.

The other day I was reflecting on messages I received years ago.  I understood them then yet… also knew they held many meanings.  Many of them were waiting for me to LIVE a deeper/broader (spiritual) life and to then again come/see/know/be.

And here’s a (non-traditional) thought… could we all be false prophets…??  To thine self to be true… as if to say what one receives, truly only works for them.  What we share are stories/possibilities.  Enjoy the variety and trust your way/gut.

Oh I don’t think Doris Day’s Que Sera, Sera is by chance a commercial/song right now.  Hum or sing along.  What will be will be.  It is time to dance/sway/float.    (((  ❤  )))

7 comments on “We have yet to realize our true potential

    I thought of a song that I was listening to yesterday upon reading what you say about the spiritual path….thought/hoped it would be easy/fast/instant, and haha is right….song by Florence and The Machine, Shake It Out….. “looking for heaven found the devil in me”….yUP, LOL 😉
    Oh much is continually SHIFTING, and you are SO right about our (light) body not being able to survive long in stress, I have experienced this numerous times here lately, in fact the past two days, and I did indeed have to SHIFT, and be who I truly am!!! Thank you Molly! (((❤️)))

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    • I ❤ Florence!! and YOU!! Oh I've observed and had examples of anger and stress I didn't expect yet the point was made, lol. I can hold in perspective and know. Interesting times indeed. Step by step… ;)xoxo

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