Pi and Phi

Often my role is not necessarily to explain yet just to mention and open up energy.  If you read along here, it’s often for the story, general sharing and unlimited possibilities.  One can do their own homework/exploration/discernment.  😉  So just noting on pi and phi as it can/does tie perfectly into a spiritual journey.

And, it can branch out and get deep pretty quick!  So for now, let’s just keep this simple.  😊

Both pi and phi hold a long sacred history (Babylonians, Egyptians) – meditation and online searches may assist.

Numerically, pi is represented by 3.14159265359…  and phi, also known as the gold/golden ratio, by 1.61803398875.

Pi is considered a mathematical constant yet also irrational and an infinitely long, nonrepeating number.


One could elaborate in 111++ ways, yet for now, keeping this short and sweet.  If interested (or a rainy day project indeed) it may become an enlightening topic that unfolds into more.

Oh… let’s also add that 3.14 is Einstein, E=mc2, (and many other amazing people’s) birthday – Happy Birthday!

Fibonacci and music also tie in (more here)… and, sharing these online finds:



On a different note, hope to do an energy summary/update/the random soon.  For now though… happy pi / unlimited possibilities day!!    ((  ❤  ))

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