Love is


Oh now… hmm… many ways to attempt to summarize.

In a way, for some, it’s as if we are taking all that we have remembered/experienced/what got us to here and now… and it’s the safety net/web/overlay as the new also rises up.  Much will (then) fall to the wayside – no worries as it’s always accessible/there when we need it.

The/this energy, one may be able to float in – as in a pool.  One though may also experience as being in an ocean with a strong undercurrent.  If one is standing/rooted to a certain reality, one may be swept/moved.

One may need time to self.  Silence is golden!!  There is a deep, personal and significant energy shift happening.  One though may be asking… why??  they’re feeling or experiencing a certain vibe.  We work with energy/feel and heal/allow.  If one is yet again experiencing some trauma/overwhelm/stress, remember to breathe.  Often trauma starts with being blindsided/surprised/shocked… and breathing changes in that split second, placing one in a different vibe/energy/reality.  Some stressful-traumatic situations, if viewed as a natural event/progression of life/gift… may take one out of trauma energy.  Just keep breathing.  Often what is labeled as an emergency may not be.  It may be a divine moment unfolding/invitation to see/a new way or path.  In knowing, it is.  So even urgent events can be a great time to pause/allow/stand down, if even for a second, and hold space.  Verses re-acting.  I’ll add this can be a challenge if one is an empath.  Often urgent/emergent energy is so felt/active.  Give it some space/freedom/release.  It is happening to you or for you…??  We are being called now to support/elevate many situations.

The timing of events may also be interesting now.  This may include time flux’s.  Life may very much be a box of chocolates.  3D, 5D, Zen and more!!  One may also be moved… yet (some may need to remember to) move with the energy/remain centered; reminded of this older post.

At times though, as intuitive beings, we know.  Yet… we also think.  One may notice that they change mind as situations arise.  It truly can only be decided in the energy/moment… no matter what one previously (mentally) stated.

And shifting for a moment…  Many years ago I remember a swami’s advice on finding a partner that was a friend (that was an obvious to me) yet he continued to describe and it sounded so neutral/luck-warm.  It didn’t sound like chemistry or a soulmate.  As I was reading more on tantra, I was now understanding/brought back to this.  Love… like everything else has an opposite.  This journey is about duality… for a while.  Becoming aware/conscious of it… (at times) experiencing the extremes… and coming to center… unity.  And it’s closer than you think.  Ahh, the journey can get one to this point naturally – an amazing state of energy.  Yes, it may be a process/take time yet, it’s worth it.

[  And Tolle’s work has also come back into awareness.  Years ago I found, The Power of Now on CD and listened as I drove.  ]

So, I’ll remind that many of us are ascending together in one way or another.  Our energy can very much affect those we live/work/visit/play with.  Others may have very unconscious releases/triggers/purges and times of needing space and/or support.  Love… just love.  Oh there are so many ways.

Well… 😊  Enough for now.   🙏

5 comments on “Love is

  1. “Love, just love”. Beautiful, and VERY timely post! I’m going to be spontaneous today, as my sister has invited me to meet her in Galax for an overnight stay at the Hampton (with indoor POOL), am I feeling a bit of anxiety? yUP, as I’ve not ventured out in quite some time, and honestly ENJOY my comfort zone, BUT, I ‘FEEL’ deeply that this is something I need, and will ULTIMATELY enjoy throughly, so for now, keeping it simple and NO OVERTHINKING! (((❤️)))
    Love ya Molly!

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