Lightening Up

Alrighty loves and lights!  How we doing…???  We’ve had some solar activity (coronal mass ejection/cme and sunspots) these past few days so one may be feeling.  Yes, we are that connected to our Universe.  So solar wind is incoming for the weekend and next week.  It’s not that this is urgent, as it’s natural and happens.  

And how it affects each here on Earth runs the spectrum… (previous post on topic).   So let’s see what presents.  One may just need to chill (as the body adjusts or experiences) … be  open … in heart space.

One may feel some mind and heart expansions… increase in dream activity/remembrance… heat/chill/change in sleep/orientation to time… moments of calm – bliss… and oh there’s been another release of past/clean slate now.  Yet interesting as then something may present again (an emotion/thought/situation in reality) if one hasn’t shifted enough to where it needs to be (handed off/up/surrendered).

While now is a dynamic time… I can also remind, easy to shift to peace/ease.  Try it, you might just like it.  Many may have experienced equinox (balance/stillness/a shift) and/or full moon (a-ha!) energy.  Also available anytime  😊 ; often a gift we give to self… and therefor others.  Others have/are busy in other ways 😉


Also, at times, one will feel called to go/do/be… yet more often what one needs simply is/happens.  Many have been under the weather/in sickness-“sickness” and health/feeling the next level of light and ascending symptoms; take care.  This may also be a time of deep and possibly extended discernment… or release.  Just flow verses feeling as if one needs to make a choice; be free.

[  If one feels they’ve been placed in an impossible situation… this is what we came for.  Impossible to possible.  Sit/explore – infinite possibilities.  ]

And… I saw this online and just had to chuckle.


Be good to self and others.  Sing, dance (movement)… even if for a moment… music (new songs/tunes/tones are coming online)… and laugh.  We got this!  Let’s enjoy this.   (((  ❤ )))


3/24 UPdate:  For several days now planetary K has been in the basement so many are open to/feeling gamma/upgrades/whoo the body and life may seem slower (… yet for me the days seem to be flying by).  Getting ready to go up as forecaster… ??  Well… maybe a change in plans yet… space weather always changes.  Enjoy the mystery/moment/ride.


8 comments on “Lightening Up

  1. Oh YES, we certainly GOT THIS, even as we hobble along!😉
    I hope I can do a bit more singing and dancing today, it’s feeling a bit LIGHTER so far, yay!!!
    Omg, and that video….LOL, I can SO RELATE!! 😂
    And not too long ago there was another saying about 2018 as we looked back…..”What the F*** was that”!!! Hahaha, Ohhhhh, what would we do without a bit/a LOT of HUMOR!!? So YES, you titled this beautifully, beaYOUtiful one…..”LIGHTENING UP”, and in more ways than one!!

    Have a glorious day, and thank you SO much for your wisdom, and humor!

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