Healing a core wound of …


LONGING.  Let’s just use this one as an example…  (yet one can fill in the blank, too.)  If you’ve been on a journey for any time… well… you’ve already identified this one.  Made peace… and released.  Yet this one, like many… may hold many layers. 

At time there is something one so wishes to experience now… and it may or may not be.  This can become an inner/personal/sacred journey.  To wholeness.  Understanding/unity.  And while processes and discernment can assist, it can also happen naturally/in time.

Somethings in this life may and may not be destined.  Can one make peace…?  Enjoy! life and all to the best ability of what is… now.

This can be a letting go of struggle/suffering.  That in itself feels pretty good – amazing.  To smile and see that what is… is good enough – often more than we realize.

We’ve already had many loves and experiences (and, way beyond this life).  We carry this longing/remembrance.  Yet a time may also come that it is good to let go/make free.  Allowing… creation… verses recreation/a hologram/overlay that is false (for here and now).

Some realities/ways are coming to an end of the line.  As if no more energy/options/moves.  We allow/jump/create anew.  At times though, this can feel like a shattering.  Intense!  We can be hard-headed, blindsided or mourn.  One may or may not be able to change their reality.  One though can change their perception of the reality… and this alone can make all the difference.

Oh there is no more divide.  Just unity.  Often in life multiple things arise… yet this is self created.  When one is divided (in one state/energy yet also another), multiple energy is formed… and comes back around and presents.  Bam.  It can though serve… and be… become simple/clear/good.

And… … I’ll add this that may/may not resonate.  While a spiritual journey is A mazing!!  … could it be second best to your own life?  To just living.  I relayed reminders like these months ago.  Many walk the spiritual path (in moments/for months/years/decades/lifetimes) to remember, heal and re-set.  And it would be easy to assume to continue… yet for some, they’re to shift (back into) life.  This is/being the highest path.  Some will say… I don’t know what this is yet… yet, you will (in time).  Follow your joy/turn inward/pull self up.

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11 comments on “Healing a core wound of …

  1. I just reread the post title and “Longing”. Lightbulb moment! (My head’s a bit squirrelly this morning). Once we realize our longing is for ourselves, and we reconnect, we then turn back outward and do what we came here for: to live. The seeker’s journey. Inward, outward, as above, so below, metaphysical, physical.


  2. Many years ago, when work took me to Singapore, I bought a mixed tape with this song on it. I loved it, despite never paying attention to the lyrics. Sailing on ships around the world broadened my horizons in so many ways. Including having a coworker/friend introduce me to my first spiritual book, Way of The Peaceful Warrior.

    Beautiful message, as always. A reminder to just live- yes, this. Was writing similar yesterday.

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