Personal Reflection

I started this post a few days ago and it’s been interesting as life’s been full/good/what it is… and honestly not the energy/need/knowing/flow to blog/share.  I reflect back to when there were times of posting multiple times a day or week.  So this may be more for those who read along here (as the story continues) or just more of a personal note…

to note this energy.  Oh there are so many phases/states of energy.

So one may now gain/enjoy moments of… reflection… peace… subtle shifts.

There have though also been some themes.  One of them being… in sickness and health… and that they are (can become) the same.  One… to  be  for either.  Often illness is not perceived/tolerated as well.  And in the spiritual arena, sickness/dis ease/ illness holds a lot of energy/judgement/beliefs.  This can be a wonderful opportunity to be schooled/enlightened/neutral/expand/serve and see what is now true.

And an interesting energy that some may experience – at times it seems as if the Universe holds one in a process/situation.  It may be a short or a longer-term thing.  As if the high-vibe aura/forcefield/spark that we all have seems less-gone.  One may feel off/weighed down/etc.  Moments/situations we also came here to experience/hold space/shift/allow the ripple.  Pull in for guidance/to see the higher plan/shift density to light.

There’s also a… let’s say, Mother Theresa like energy.  One can walk in the world, any situation, and know/be their center – calm/peace/serving.

I also remind that upgrades/physical body adjusting cont in u e !!  Relax into, and as needed, verses continuing to do/resist.  Charging on will leave one tired/feeling symptoms to a greater degree (to included pain, anxiety, overwhelmed).  Our dna = the gates of heaven – connect and see.    (While a longer read, a prior post/perspective tying into the physical body process.)

April though, in ways, does feel a bit calmer.  A simpler way/life.  For some this may seem confusing/concerning as 2019 has been another interesting/intense energy year.  This is a perfect time to review, reflect and be present.  To go slow and savor.  Try it – you may like it.  If the mind starts running wild… take a breath.  All is well.  Ask self/source your questions.  The answer/energy will either be their… ha, there or not/come in time.  Ponder on your wishes/desires/next and see where energy supports/guides you.  This can be a truly magical time.  Slowly… simply… divinely.

Dreams may also give clues (that your energy is shifting).  Remember… we are living the dream.  😉

((  ❤  ))

And… as the energy is changing…  I will share for those who are feeling the intensity of the light meets/awakens in the body.  It can feel like  bliss  yet for other’s it can seem too much/painful/one feel’s ill ish.  In these moments (and yes they may be extended) – when one is pushed/squeezed/tested/ascending a dump truck load… what arises…?  Compassion…?  Love?  Acceptance, (self) care, gratitude…?  Anger/complaining/sadness/wishing for different…?  All/any is good yet for many this is about getting to neutrality/peace/unconditional love… no matter what.

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