Euphoric now


Oh as I look over weeks of notes…

For now, this is what I’ll share.  There is something… many things about adrenalin, adrenal fatigue… and the spiritual journey.  And how this can/may unfold/change over years/decades (in 3D/5D/during ascending-embodiment).

There’s also something to barometric/atmospheric pressure and our ascending/changing body.

As well as, not feeling like self… and, being aware of this (as if in a different way after all of the discernment/stages).  This may also include, awaiting the knowing/zest/spark/vitality; second/another chance at life.  It’s interesting as the journey can heal more than any drug/counselor/religion can.  Yet many don’t need/weren’t aware that they’d be doing this depth and duration this lifetime.  One though is safe/stable enough to do… here and now.

So, mini dark nights may continue.  They’re no longer personal per say… just pointing the way… release of false.  Something better is (now and coming) yet one has to realize and then/instantly/naturally our energy changes.  During these times, a new layer of clarity comes.  Seeing what we couldn’t see before.  Fantasy/illusion… vs. reality/now.  Time/space/distance/a breath may help to see.

Interesting as to also balance this with knowing’s like, when one has outgrown/is ready for different/oh the variety…. verses knowing they have it all now and unconditional love/peace/gratitude.  Being aware when one wants more verses simply being present and satisfied.

This is a time of balancing our personal and special story with… the much larger amazing story.  Our efforts have not been in vein.  Shifts are happening!  One may be blessed to actually see in reality yet often we don’t until much later.

So restless minds… oh wanting to know what is next.  As well as invitations to assume/worry… to pick/engage in a fight/battle.  One may be wise enough to know.  To calm self… be self.  This is more important (on multiple levels) than one may realize.

The seven year reminder also may surface.  For some this is 2012-2019, while for others it may be 2015-2022… and… they may also overlap.

For many, this has bee a full stop/restore/karma clearing/rebuilding/next chapter/second half of/a new life.  Bifurcation.  We have made it through a window of time.

One may also feel energy as, still and/or going backwards.  Life is not lateral so use this to your advantage.   (For some the “pause” or “back” seems like suicide/death/strange yet all moments are = .  Play with this.  It can be simple peace… and more.)

So, what does life offer now… in simplicity.  Or, this may even be in urgency/activity.  For many the body continues to adjust and feel the energy wowziers.  Stay hydrated and rest as needed.  The body may feel segments/meridians of energy move.  The adjustments/changes we have done in layers/stages… over years… is adding up to something big/anew/very different.

Connect/enjoy the euphoric vibe – this gentle yet blissful intoxicating happiness – in meditation and reality as it, too, is present and flowing.



(((  ❤  )))

4 comments on “Euphoric now

  1. “As well as, not feeling like self… and, being aware of this” Yes. Yes. And yes again. My song for too many months now. Healing so much that I opened to the self perception of Oneness, of perfection. Absolutely stunning. Yet moving through muck, clearing it out. Not “mine” and yet, mine. Dark night of the soul or many dark nights smooshing together to feel like a really long one. Thank you for being here at this time!

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