To be at peace with…

whatever may come.  A wise friend wrote this to me the other day and I smiled. 

This morning I awoke a bit… scattered… yet could chuckle… as it is the energy… and just a moment.  Many of us continue to feel pow energy awakening/downloading/happening in body.  So I sat in the sun taking slow and deep conscious breaths… and was soon greeted by gentle wind, birds and dragonfliesAhh… all is well.

I’ve recently planted some flowers and vegetables and oh this is good for the soul.  Gardening (including weeding), painting, photography, cooking can make for great activities for those in-between times.  To nurture… to keep the energy flowing.  The top hibiscus caught my eye as it was pointing upward.

For me, this has been an extended time of just allowing.  The days are going quickly.  The next often happens as the body feels safe/loved/supported/as each is ready.  This is a gift we give to self.  While much may whirl around one, much also works itself out with little to no intervention.  Yet in saying this, one will know…. as this is also about relationships and how/when/where we share our energy.  So do as you feel called.

This is also a time to set all free.  We’ve been “working” to transcend realities/energy and then, there comes a moment to clear/surrender/offer up/let go.  If more attention is needed, trust it will come back around …probably sooner than later, lol.  And  worry/fear of future/trying to control  can steal the now possibilities and joy moments.  In joy, alive.  In obligation… discernment/a-ha’s may arise.

So if one is stuck in a situation/energy… keep in mind that there are many sides.  One can laugh, get angry/upset/worry, re-act, run/hide, play a victim or a saint, get er done… or find peace and neutrality.


We are all born perfect/innocent/pure… and life unfolds.  A variety of paths and experiences.  For some comes a times to pause and become unconditioned/conscious.  We grown in new understandings.  Each heals/resets.  If one is well along the spiritual path, they may though still be looking for parts of themselves – the ones that they liked yet have been dormant.  Isn’t it interesting to have so much that one didn’t anticipate be pushed to the surface/front and center.  So one may need to let go.  We may never be what we were in the past.  Some of these shifts are asking us to be that open/who we have yet to be.

This brings up that as one awakes from sleep… it may take a bit of time to reorient here.  While sleep can be to restore… to dream/travel/connect… a lot of other work also gets done.  One may need a moment/silence/space/a reminder (or hug) that all is well here and now.  And some of the energy will keep one  awake  yet at times one may needs to ask, what is not resting well with my soul/mind/body…?  Smile as you may or may not get an answer/knowing.

The journey holds many possible stages.  While there many be some similarities, no two are the same.  For many, surprised-perplexed after being lifted/healed/in a special-protective-divine energy… to then be plopped back into reality.  Some of the reality work is hard!!  Challenging.  Not as thought.  And it may continue.  Often it is simply needed (to be brought up to speed) and one can look back to understand, be in awe and gratitude.

And one may get frustrated since some processes aren’t as instant as they’d hoped.  In the gift of time/process… for many reasons… one may appreciate that everything slowed down.  It can save self from self-inflicted doing/action/unconsciousness.  One may now ask, how can I best support self  (and others)  as this journey continues…?

One may also find places where they’ve judged/had an expectation/held a standard.  Or even a grudge which = an energy block.  Oh to be aware… and to forgive all.  To hold in love, light/time/patience.  Maybe a standard of care wasn’t adequate/to one’s liking.  Discern on this.  Forgiveness/healing/a shift can happen and one may find the root (often a let down from childhood).  Mistakes (yet there are none) happen, and at times others don’t do all that one thinks they should have.  Know, bless and move on as ready.

Lol… I didn’t think I had anything to write.  Okay, so…

May’s energy is different.  Full in new ways.  One could say that connection with nature/the ground/surroundings/animals as well as with the (normally) unseen as well as… in body… wowziers/no words.  Just feel and live it.  One may be called to allow a path to unfold and take priorities in new ways.  New realities are now… divine… and beautiful.  It’s time to open your eyes and see…

((( ❤  )))

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