Soul made visible

It’s been good to take a blogging break.  It felt natural and the way.  And… in this moment I could say I don’t foresee writing as I have in the past.  While over the years I’ve written and shared in a variety of ways… this one will be …

short, sweet… light… and a more personal update.  So if you’re looking for answers/an energy update… oh there are many amazing possibilities out there.  Even better – seek within.

My path shifted a bit.  Life became full… yet also simple… and the in body experience, in a new way, has been the priority – particularly these past two months.  Interesting as since the beginning of June, a pretty much non-stop electron flux has been happening.


I could write several posts on the experience/intensity/offer a reference as it seems as if the ante/energy, as forecasted, has risen  (therefore we’re well beyond the ascending 101 symptoms)… yet… we know to welcome the trials, tribulations, stretch and unknown, as well as the magnificence, perfection, peace and joy – the wow’s and whooo’s.

I can look back/hold in perspective and chuckle.  So many stages that have flown from one to another… for many of us.  These past 7 years/since 2012 in particular has been a journey of a lifetime.  A gift… and often done serendipitously.  Yes – many ups, downs, round and round, shifts, jumps – hope you like adventure. 😉  The most amazing/pure/simple/healing… … and, in moments, raw/vulnerable/painful/heartbreaking/dynamic/what the … ??  All glorious and serve.

Yet… even this now seems in the past – a new leveling out, return, understanding (several have surfaced and blossomed) and… being.  For many of us, stages of energy work, healing, connecting/remembering/practicing our gifts/sharing/assisting the collective, awakening, ascending, descending, embodying and transcending reality moments are now, in large parts, in the past.  A deep breath and smile.  Yet now it’s also as if there are many pools of possibility.  Some are in purpose/knowing, bliss, process, in-between, awaiting, peace and even, suffering.

It is easy to get on a roll or even a bit stuck or, complacent on a spiritual path.  To take the time to allow/honor/clear/chisel down/preserver in one’s pure energy can be divine.  It can happen in a split second… or, it may take time.  We’ve been gifted that here – trust your process.  These are peaceful/beautiful/creative/exciting-challenging times and energies we live in.  Both on the outside and in.  I can share that this time has been sacred, a game changer… yet also just a moment – so much is still to unfold.

If a spiritual journey hasn’t given you what you seek… if there is still unrest, then you’re not there/done yet.  There are stages-lifetimes that may be awkward/telling/dense.  Patience, love and using the gifts given (to include your own free will/harmony/knowing/care) … as it is happening.  Enlightenment, evolution and so much more !!

So as I look over my notes… always much to share… yet…   😊  if you’ve gotten this far in your own journey, you do know what to do.    ((( ❤ )))

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