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Oh where to start!  Well …

I could say that for months now I’ve taken a step… what may seem like down or, to the side.  Yet, it naturally also became a step inward.  Allowing life to flow and enjoying time and space.  Silence, too.  Less… static/interference.

I’ve often mentioned keeping notebooks (like a student)… and  ha  just realizing for 6 years now, yup – definitely getting a masters degree.  So as I finish one, I look back.  This is when I see the even bigger, wow.  So while I might have started this post as an energy update or fresh/different… it seems worthy to again share, in awe and humbled of all that has transpired these past few months.  I hope for you, too.  While it’s been energetically busy (for years now), I also understand though when others mention that it seems slow… painful… as if still awaiting or in limbo.

I chuckle thinking of 2019 and then 2012 and then, 2005 – oh that 7 year thing.  Possible years of bigger change/re-sets/timeline splits… if one is ready, willing, able and, brave, lol.  Yes… please laugh!!  Many of us make spirituality too serious.

I can say there have been months of the body deeply feeling a process this year.  The pretty much non-stop, cumulative can seem as if it takes a toll.  As well as a handful of smaller challenges (in the bigger picture) – often self and reality moments to discern, (heal) and transcend… if nothing else, one’s thinking  ( … action isn’t always needed).

I’ve found myself often enough with a smile and at peace, no matter what presented; as if the higher self/mind knew – let it flow/go.  Yet, I’ll be honest, a few very human moments, too – urgh and lol.  There are parts of the journey and life that just aren’t a cake walk.  And, at times we do make this complicated.  Unwind to realize there are no problems; the divine works in mysterious ways.

So I could share that…. an invitation to go even deeper is always there and now/soon may be the time (as some are headed into fall/winter months).  Yet I will also caution (particularly if you’re well into your journey) – this is not for sissies, nor everyone.  While it often just naturally happens, see if there’s an inner calling as many have done enough!!  (Come out of the rabbit or worm hole, cave, books, meditation, deep end of the pool – even an advanced swimmer can drown.  At times one needs these experiences yet they can also become isolating and may hold an unexpected energy wammie/spiritual fallout at the end.)

It may be time to turn outward and live.  To see the blessings and magnificence in the ordinary.  To take a chance, bless others with your energy (in any way) and, try … and try again.

So… a breath.  Ahh…  There’s always much to share yet will touch on:

Time… is just a fragment to assist us in becoming whole.  An invitation.  Watch it speed up and then just, not exist.  Sure we use/can relate to it as needed.  Forerunning energy is also a way/journey/process to become whole, too.

Desires can = energy leaks.  Yet, can also say that desires/dreams/a knowing/that inner fire can get one to where’s needed.  More recently though desires may fade/no longer apply/work.  2019 could be described in many ways!!  Full stop (could be one of them) … to allow, shed and re-set as a grander/different plan is to roll out.  Hello 2020 and beyond!

In the past we’ve discussed depression/dark night/feeling ready to check-out of this incarnation as part of the journey.  One could say that depression is a chemical/medical/genetic thing as well as about mental health – working through past and current dynamics, self care, etc.

Depression though can also just make no sense.  It may arise to transcend generation heritage/lineage, the mind in an older/lower reality, a connection to another or still something… or many things that are unconscious.  One on a spiritual path may actually have a variety of dark night’s.  Both in severity, duration and how often – some just need one, others, many.  Doesn’t matter as they can serve yet may also be tricky when one is in it.  Dark nights can be about shattering ego (and there many be several layers), opening the mind… and shedding a false life – a life that could well indeed lead to depression.  So, we wake up again.  Know we are here/now for a reason and can get past this test/stage if this applies; reach out.  And if you are in a good place – check on others!

One may also review their surroundings/energy.  Is it an alive … vibrant, healthy, creating … or stagnant/depressing/dying/death energy.  It may be a mix/balance of all.  Any energy can serve, yet this might give a clue as to the changes you can initiate.  At times only one can pull self up and out of any loop/box; Spirit may not assist.

Tying in, there are many training wheel stages in this journey.  We need em… until we don’t.  So one may notice their role(s) changing, circle of friends, location, ways to be of service, habits (to included drugs/alcohol), beliefs… anything that was extra baggage/slowing one down… and you might not even have been aware of.  I noticed that 8/8 seemed to expose the weakest link, also not realized before.  That energy is still being worked through yet also releasing/shifting quickly.  One may notice that things that were hard… will become much easier.

So if you’re ready… just reminding, you don’t need the crutches, training wheels or any extra baggage.  Travel light and free.  While there’s a variety of experiences/paths… many have made it through another … what might be said, challenging… yet, also doable layer/passage.  All of this has not been for naught.  While we may or may not know what is next… that’s really not even the point.

Find what makes your heart race… do that… emerge.

(((  ❤  )))


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