Come together


Okay!  Let’s see what gets typed here.  I just awoke from a long rest and dreams seemed ample yet, not much recall.

And honestly a mild headache so… maybe I shouldn’t be typing, lol.

It does seem to be a time of forerunning as well as integrating as September has already been busy… yet possibly not as thought.  I was reflecting on how January – July seemed like non stop (body) adjusting to a higher frequency of light.  Many needed to slow down/pull in/allow.  Then August showed many something – a weak link – or, many things.  From that we may have taken some action or just became even more, aware.  I can chuckle and say – gheez, we’ve become aware of many things these past few years and even more so in 2019.  So the word choice of,  I wasn’t aware of that, may hold new meaning.

One of the themes seems to be that much is stirring/coming into one’s energy… yet… one may wish to pause and practice divine neutrality.  It may be easy to take another’s truth and make it their own/repeat it.  There are so many possibilities now so let’s remember who we are and a higher plan.  One may find themselves just pausing and smiling often now, verses being worried/serious/re-acting.

This is an interesting week.  The 9 symbolism is strong; 9 = completion.  For many in the US, 9/11 will be an 18 anniversary (two cycles of 9).  And, 9/13 being a Friday may even hold some beliefs as well – interesting as it’s also a full harvest moon.  And… if you live along the eastern coast of the US, clean up action/symbolism may be strong as Hurricane/vortex Dorian made adjustments and changes for many – both in small and large ways.  Interesting as Dorian as a name can mean, children of the sea.

With all of this release, grief may be felt.  Grief is a process and gift.  Anxiety may also have/be felt this month.  Center.  Release/shake it off/shift.  Remember… peace/calm/all really is well.  Keep breathing.

For some and in moments there may even be this ultra sense of peace/stillness/calm/no thing.  We’ve felt this often enough and it serves in many ways.  One of the first steps is to make peace with it if one is a doer/type A/go-go-go/mover and shaker personality.  And often it can happen after ample yet often indescribable energy moments (that often our mind puts a meaning to).

Another possible theme is, a time of cleaning up one’s act, lol.  Getting yourself together.  There are times we come undone ( u-n-d-o-n-e/shattered ) and times of coming back together.  This can be felt personally and in groups.  This can be a great time to meet new people and create community.  To lend a hand; share.

There may be tests/pulses this month.  One of them being centered in unconditional love.  One may realize how conditional there love is.  It could be said that conditional love is a mix of, love and hate.  This can lead to a-ha’s and places to heal, grow and change.  It can happen overnight and, take a lifetime to embody.

Control may be another a-ha… where one tries to… and what is, beyond our control.  Often all we can do is be … and take the higher heart or path of the least resistance.  Yet, one will know if they need to take a stand.

I’ve often mention there are so many stages in this journey and, a few have caught me by surprise.  I try to write on the one’s I feel are the less shared, lol.  While many have a prolonged period in a phase/energy, some will shift rather quickly (in the bigger picture).  The steps of coming back to Earth (post an awakening) and then coming back to a reality… oh boy, can be a shocker/tough/what the…??  For some it is easy, natural, divine and glorious.  Yet if it hasn’t been… you are not alone… and, you got this!  This is what we came to do.  In love and light.

(((  ❤  )))

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