Let go of 2019 energy


Well… for that matter… let go of 2012 – 2019.  Alrighty loves, lights and all in-between… how are you doing?  Or should I say, how are you being?  While I haven’t been writing much for months now… trust that the journey continues. 

In the past when I’ve paused from writing, I usually share a summary yet now that doesn’t seem important.  We are each doing what needs to be done and experiencing what needs to be experienced.  2019 has been an intense year of energy… yet, hasn’t it been for several years, lol.

For many now seems to put an exclamation point on years of very different ways.  Some though are still in process.  It can be easy or made simple.  Take a breath.  Get still.  Take another breath.  Feel any (unnecessary) energy dissipate.  Smile.  Know.  Go slow and be who you truly are.

being (2)

With this, some will be able to feel what they’ve been holding at bay.  It is ready to step forward.  Allow that life force to come forth and flow.  Energy = Reality.  Or one may feel such peace, nothing else is needed.  Carry that into the world in all that you are and do.  Share with others and sprinkle around our communities, planet and ethers.

2020 energy does not feel like ascension energy per say; as if a thing of the past.  It also feels as simple or as dynamic as you wish to experience.  While getting clear on your intensions can assist… trust that the journey knows.  This is a transfer and transformation juxtaposition.

Alright, keeping this light… short and sweet.  Love and blessing.


1st photo by Annette Carter, 12/12 Full Moon Rising.  ❤  And here the moon looked liked the sun as it was rising in an overcast sky.  Oh what is up is down… in is out… and all comes back to one.  Rest/relax/enjoy, remain open, do what you love or feel called to do, every moment truly is anew.  Amen.

7 comments on “Let go of 2019 energy

  1. Thank you for your words! Welcome back!!!! 🥰

    “2019 has been an intense year of energy…yet, hasn’t it been for several years”

    Indeed it has been intense for several years, yet 2019 ‘TOOK THE CAKE’, Lol 🤪

    2020 incoming does ‘feel’ different, it’s like this year, and especially the past 3 months have felt more like the ‘grand finale’ of our ascension process, at least it does for me, as much has surfaced asking for ‘release/ let it go’ and FLOW!!

    Juxtaposition, I learned a new word today! 😉

    Love and Hugs my dear friend 🤗♥️ Onwards and Upwards!!

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