The best of both worlds


Or should I say, the best of all worlds.  How are we loves, lights and all in-between.

For several years now there’s been an intense enough energy that’s felt like excitement and that something is about to breakthrough as one year ends and the new starts.  One could say a collective readiness, believe and optimistic hope in the new.   

And this is a good thing.  With this being the year of 2020…  🤓  a great reminder and symbolism.  We all like to see things clearly.  Some will now understand that before we just couldn’t.

And, this year numerically is a  4  =  stability.  This can be a year of balance, ease and an inner peace – particularly after all the revelations, understandings and work we’ve done these past 7-10+ years.

So yes, there have been waves of excitement (often unidentified) that have been coming and going for weeks+.  One could say it’s personal, collective and cosmic.  The near future and what may take lifetimes to experience… as it’s all happening now.  Some hint to this being a year of reward yet… I smile.  No overthinking… just be you.

I will though also mention that in years past optimistic energy would rather quickly shift and the body work -processing and adjusting- then seemed to become a priority and for several months.  It hasn’t always been easy or what we thought.  We learned self-care and to walk even more in rhythm with our body, earth and universe.  Now, (hopefully) one can look back in gratitude.

Now we’re also masters of the unknown.  Very comfortable with and in it; it’s presence is part of us.  While we do know some (formerly we thought we knew a lot), this is a journey of mystery, surprise and unlimited possibilities.

One may notice that one is more neutral… understanding… patient… both in how all works and in knowing thy self.  A natural maturity and wisdom.  More love and less reaction/triggers.  Oh trust that shedding and releases will continue as needed.  We can also laugh at much, in particular expectations knowing everything happens as it should, everyone is doing their best/role, and there is no need to push or fight – if it’s meant to be, it will happen easily (or, in time).

While many of us have had prior experience, a large part of 2019 was about transcending suffering.  And it may have been a surprise for some to find themselves in that frequency as not many would consciously acknowledge or welcome.  We can have dense, large and layered frequencies to tune up.  It can become a gift.  If one is still sufferings… well… we haven’t transcended it yet.  Yet, we will.

I’ll share that experiences (or what I could say coming back to realities), two books that I’ve mentioned before/links to prior posts yet can also google them:  Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and 112 meditations to discover the mystery within by Osho and… just allowing the energy to run it’s course and teach me, assisted in becoming aware and more conscious.  A process.  Complaining at this stage in the game should be gone and doesn’t help (or it may for a minute, lol).

And for many of us, we did need to push in our 3D life and even in our spiritual path.  Yet finding the “place”/space/energy/knowing of when to pause and smile.  The push, work, constant pursuit of “better” can be a thing of the past.  It can be a never-ending loop… game… endless pursuit.  Continue on if this brings you joy or in knowing or needing.  Yet one may find that all is good enough and just as it was intended to be.  It can be simply divine.

As a simple practice, each time you hear or write  2020  this year, take a deeper breath and remind self – this can be a year of great movement, change, vision like one has not had (this may come later in the year) while also holding such inner peace, light and clarity.  A time to take whatever may come in stride and see the benefits, perfection and hopefully, joy.  This may be a year where simultaneously much is happening… widely different extremes – yet we’ve also had practice here.

Embodiment truly is allowing our essence to be.  While we have an inkling… oh so much good is… and yet to come.  For now, we are enough.  Remember love… peace… and simple joy as that can be all there is here and now.

(((  ❤  )))



Ascension writers share as much and often as we can to remind others they’re not alone, all of this is normal… awesome… and at times very challenging.  And yes, the current energy may feel out of bodyish, needing to chill/rest more often mixed with sensing clarions calls, realities migrating and vivid dream state activity.  Hold on loves and lights – we got this and it is a great time to be here!

7 comments on “The best of both worlds

    • Kristine, Awesome… and I just read (slowly) from cover to cover. Well I did hop around too, lol – good for the add reader. His website has a lot more info/ways. Take your time with it and enjoy. HUG 💝

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  1. ”While many of us have had prior experience, a large part of 2019 was about transcending suffering.”

    I wholeheartedly believe this!!

    “Complaining at this stage in the game should be gone and doesn’t help (or it may for a min.)

    SO very true! ( or it may for a min.) teehee, exactly, but ONLY for a minute!!! And interestingly enough, it truly does only last a minute (if even that), as we/ I have transcended much, and oh I do feel lighter!

    Great post My Molly 💞

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