It’s all good


I can remember in the past when I often wrote in a grab bag or buffet style. It was random sharing and to take what served. And that style seems appropriate again now.

In the ascension journey patterns seem to emerge and our brain likes patterns/predictability. Part of the initial challenge is what is very normal for an ascending being feels concerning/foreign here to an ascending human. The brain and body at times alerts.  Yet in time the mind calms and the body relaxes and allows – it gets easier and more natural.

So yes, the body is adjusting to this next layer of light/frequency/energy/dna/codes that has been happening pretty much all month. This may include a chill  (great reminder) as well as feeling heat.  It’s flu season, too, and it’s okay to be sick or feel it as upgrading.  Sleep routines, etc. may also be different.

It may also be in moments emotional (weepy) yet… for many now it isn’t personal. Shedding tears is a great way to circulate and release energy. It may remind of past dark nights/knights yet there’s no negative attached. It’s just what the body needs to do like sneezing or stretching.

Weeks ago in a sleep state I could clearly see/understand the shift and transformation the Universe is asking of us. It’s like seeing a young adult and the last time you saw them, they were just a child. You’re so surprised to see how they’ve grown up/transformed… you wouldn’t have recognized them unless reintroduced.

I had to chuckle the other day when I said, the proof is in the pudding.  I smiled remembering this was an answer to a question I’d asked years ago and at the time thought it was an interesting response from Spirit.  One will now see how their process has turned out.  It’s not done – far from it.  Yet after years/decades one can see where they’ve healed, changed (the key ingredients) … and where the process hasn’t taken hold – and this is okay/might not be the plan.

There may be a deep acceptance that this journey really is a long-term commitment (that becomes a way or natural state of being) and one will never be like before. What may have kept many going was thinking this would be  x  amount of time and then, all would be restored.  Well…

While we are visionaries, this is a reason for staying in and enjoying the now.  While it’s often been said in the journey, this is a heart opening time. A time to find a new level of peace. Trust that all these layers, shifts and moments are permeating.

What may assist now is humility/tenderness, perspective and for those things that tend to trip us up asking, does _______ really matter in the bigger picture?  Is it worth the energy/focus/work?  Will it assist in your personal spiritual path?  … is this where I/we should head?  It may be.   Feel…  as things are moving in and out of our energy and dimensions all the time.  And we are not bound by time, money or rules.  Play with this.

There are many stages in the journey. The simple ones. The divine ones. The wow – out of this world. And yes, the melancholy, challenging, etc. One may still experience moments/times of no motivation/zest/needing to rest.  These times can lend to reading a book or looking into a new spiritual topic/way.  So… have you fallen in love with your ascension journey yet?  It’s a lot like life – unpredictable, not what you thought, rewarding, surprising… a gift.  Fall in love… stay there.

02/02/2020 is a few days away… an 8/infinity day, let’s keep remembering, walking and shining our light.  Two eyes, ears, arms and legs and with a wide-open heart… here we go!  Now is a mix of patience/self-care/kindness with pauses, discernment and… moments/stretches of expression and creation in love, knowing (or knowing enough or just to try, lol) that is supported by energy.  And if you’re not feeling the love or energy, it’s all good.  Keep it soul simple dear one.

((( ❤ )))


5 comments on “It’s all good

  1. Tears, yes. And you’re right, not personal. And THE FLU. Ugh. College roommate brought it to me, unwittingly. It’s been a hard one to shake. But what about this crazy feeling–nothing as it was. I can’t seem to make myself go through the usual motions–but have no clue what the new motions should be . . .


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