Just a few of my favorite things


Do you speak (or sing) my language?  Together let’s remember more on…

Akashic records, Angels, Astral Travel, Aura’s, Awakening, Automatic writing, Ascended Masters, Ascending

Being, Beach, Binaural beats, Bliss

Chakra’s, Channeling, Conscious Channeling

Dark night of the soul, Dimensions, Dowsing, Dreams, Drum circles, DNA

Empath, Energy, Energy cords, Enlightenment, Evolving

Feeling free, Freedom, Free will, Feng Shui

Grounding, Gratitude, Gamma, Geostorms, Gridwork, Guardian, Gatekeeper

Happiness, Healing, Higher-self, Hypnosis


Joy, Jumping-Quantum

Karma, Knowing’s

Labyrinth, Laughter, Letting go, Life lessons, Love, Lightbody

Meditation, Mediumship, Metaphysical, Multidimensional, Music

Namaste, Numerology


Parallel Lives, Past Lives, Peace, Pendulums, Premonition, Psychic ability, Purpose, Portals

Quiet, Quantum touch healing, Quest

Reiki, Releasing emotional blocks, Remote viewing, Rune stones

Sage, Signs, Singing Bowls, Soul, Soul mates, Spirit, Synchronicities

Tarot cards, The Divine, The Universe, Trust, Twin-flame, Triggers, Timelines


Vibration, Vision, Vortex

Wow moments, Writing, Wayshower

Xenagogue (a guide)

Yes!  Zen… we should talk, lol.


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