For months now, a story has been coming together for me. It started by receiving a message that my logical mind would have said, ya right – you so crazy!  Yet, I wrote it down. I wasn’t sure if I believed in it or not. At times Spirit is like this. I was told, “You don’t have to believe.” So I occasionally wonder if not believing yet still being open to receiving is the way to be since really you’re not invested… yet. Often we want or need an answer and that very vibration then holds the answer away. That’s why meditation (and there are many forms) works. Getting out of your vibration and looking at the situation differently. Some experiences and lessons – the amnesia is set at 100%. Continue reading

Spiritual Lull’s


I’ve often mentioned, spiritual lull’s. When channeling started for me, it was one of my biggest questions. I had no reference point. I just thought if you were “psychic”, you were all the time. Why did the messages come and go? And why did it cause such a panic (for lack of better words) in me when the messages stopped? It was so unpredictable. I would have calmed down if I’d just heard, it will start again in two weeks. You’ve been working hard so go have some fun. LOL. It’s like being unemployed. If you’d only been told when a job would come, one could avoid placing so much so much stress on themselves. Continue reading

Shattered Ego


This seems to be a story within a story. I first need to write on what lead up to my ego shattering moment. I was thinking about the lightworkers (although we all are) I know. Some only casually and others very well. They really do get it and many are peppy, devoted and driven. I smile when I think of them. Continue reading

2/2 Update


I sat down to type up the past few days and I just couldn’t write.  All I could get out was a few one sentence thoughts and no ability to explain and weave them together. I’m trying again now and realizing how much Spirit is with me when I write. Spirit is always with us yet what a blessing to be connected and allow it to flow.  Over the past few days… Continue reading

Sun Language



These past two weeks have been interesting. Just as I finish writing a post, I find myself back at my laptop typing away, again.

It’s 40 degree’s cold here (yes, there are all types of cold) yet I sat in the sun this morning. Oh what a difference just a few minutes made. GET IN THE SUN!! Continue reading

Unanchor and float


So… where to begin.  This might be the first mercury retrograde that I’m still getting all sorts of messages. Usually I’d be in what I referred to as a, personal spiritual lull. And trust me, I’ve truly felt each one. I’d receive spirit whispers if another needed a message but nothing for me. So I’d ponder, reflect, live my life and at times panic wondering when the messages would start again. The last two retrogrades my higher- self was available so now I can see the progression.  I wonder if this is a perk of 5D.  I’ll take it! Continue reading