A rest stop break


Oh I’ve been in an energy for days yet last night, it was gone.  It’s like you’re on an overnight car or bus trip – resting/dreaming and then all of a sudden, awoken.  The bus has pulled into a rest stop.  You are wondering if you are at your destination.  Not yet.  You have the option to step off and stretch and use the rest room or try to fall back asleep again.  Really though, your just ready to be there. Continue reading

The Spiritual Pool


While I’ve been on my spiritual journey for my entire life, I made several choices a few years ago and dove into the deep end of the spiritual pool.  Down and up for air and then down again… even deep and for longer.  A few months ago, I came out and dried off.  Yet I made a few quick jumps or cannon balls back into the pool – just for the fun of it.  Yet a few days ago I came out certain I’d had enough pool time. Continue reading

The hallway of life and its many doors


I’m standing at the end of a hallway.  I look back.  I see it’s long.  So many doors that have been opened to or by me.  Amazing.  I’m not sure I realized this unless I’d taken this moment to look back.  They are all still open.  Interesting.  Yet, the side doors on the hallway are closed.  Closed for a reason.  Either chooses I didn’t make or lessons that I did learn.  The hallway looks clear and bright but I can’t always say that it was so.  It’s also straight but wait… I was certain there were twists and bends.  And I don’t see the stairs or incline I surely felt. Continue reading