Can you hear me now?


Okay, first a quick check-in.  We’ve had 10 inches of rain here in 36 hours – 10!  That would be a lot.  While honestly all is well, a flood warning has been issued and schools are closed today.  It’s best to just stay in.  Oh, the symbolism.  I also awoke feeling… well… Continue reading

Lawn Mower Meditation



Well, I’m fresh off a lawn mower.  I’ve done my fair share of meditating on one.  With the sun out, the hum of the motor and the rhythm of going back and forth… and yes, on occasion, I make crop circles and designs.  While I’ve had a variety of lawn mowers over my life, this one is the slowest.  Yet, I’m grateful to have it.  So it reminds me to slow down, there is no rush.  The job will get done. Continue reading

New soul aspect waking up


Out of nowhere, a new energy was awake in me.  She had a lot to say.  I’ve had this happen before but usually it’s just a comment or two and within a few seconds/minutes, it fades.  This time, a lot of comments were made and I could see the validity in each statement.  I walked with her as she pulled no punches.  She knows how to kick my ass yet I’m in a good place and probably need this.  To some extent, I recognize her.  Like she’s been asleep/dormant for a long time.  She’s here to help me yet at first I questioned her.  If you’re my ego rearing up, please calm down.  She is not ego.  She is truth.  A spiritual journey will break you down to nothing and it will build you back up.  Changes are coming.

Pulling in Soul Aspects


The old me believed I had a soul. It was in me, somewhere. No one seemed to explain what it was, really. I had no idea that it had the potential to be… multidimensional. While our human body and mind will function and carry our soul, getting to know your soul and then working together in all that is, well… WoW. Continue reading

Light Messages


Things seem to be changing.  Always!  Several weeks ago the energy shifted for me and now there’s often good things to share yet they are so random. I got use to, “labeling” (haha) a post as I wrote on a topic. Like it was a lesson in itself. It’s almost as if that style might be on the lighter side for me now.

So I pondered on how to deliver this newer info that flows through me. It feels like a collective energy update yet also what’s happening to me as a vessel and as I take this journey. So for now I think I’ll call them, Light messages. The frequency in which I post them will be as them come and I can get to typing them. The frequency will also be of love and light. ♥  They do seem lighter than the lesson posts I’ve written – yah!  A shift! Continue reading

Merging with your higher-self


Hello 2016!  Wow, well, I’m not sure where to start. I’ve had several nights of actual… sleep! And I’ve had family home. So… less writing. Yet, a lot is happening. I don’t think I realized until I thumbed back through my notebook. So, more posts are coming.  One of the BIG things that is happening to me is… Continue reading

Light Body Activation


I needed to sleep on this one.  I wrote it at 1 a.m.

It’s late and I should be asleep but I’m wide awake and my body is shaking.  I’ve been journeying long enough to know that weird is my new normal, particularly these past few months.  Gheez, years ago I just wanted to better understand my 6th sense.  Be careful what you ask for, lol.  All kidding aside, I feel blessed and am grateful of the ability.  Yet no wonder this journey is often what my mind says is, slow yet consistent.  You will go to more places and receive more than you can imagine.  So I asked Spirit, what is going on?? Continue reading

How do you know you are channeling?

"Captured by"

I’m often asked, how do you know you are channeling?  This is a great question yet, at times, I struggled a bit to describe it.  It would just be easy to say, I know.  It’s not something that I can force or fake.

I receive words yet often pictures will also flash. A message from Spirit is often tailored (pulling from your own experiences) so that you can understand yet not your normal thought or word choice. Continue reading