I was standing outside in a meditative moment.  Blue skies and crisp cold air.  I smiled.  Something great is getting ready to happen.  That’s all I know… and lol, worthy enough to remind/share.  Continue reading


Rise and SHINE

The energy is high!  A heart pounding high.  I feel as if I could write and write yet also a bit scattered.  So… I will be noting and will write more later.  I tend to remind myself to keep things simple during these energy waves.  I’m also working on a variety of posts that will unfold… as they should.  There is always something new or to review/remind in this journey.  Continue reading

down, UP, down…


what is this boot camp…?  Gheez, the energy has been pressing a bit this afternoon/evening.  Not all will be feeling this.  Some may be in a great place.  So for those who are feeling it… we will be UP again here soon… very soon.  See what surfaces, note it and let it go.  At this point, what seems to work is connecting and laughing.  So I’ll also share this… Continue reading

Time to Expand


I’ve started several posts – each one I had such passion for and then… it faded.  So this might be mirroring the energy.  So I decided to start fresh and keep this simple.  I’d asked for an informational dream, like what is going on, now and it was riddled with symbolism.  Oh how I love it.  After being awake an hour though, I knew the heart of the dream.  It was about, EXPANSION.  To get out of any situation that one might felt a bit, cramped.  So this will be a short post passing along the reminder and to let you know I AM thinking of you.  Continue reading

What do you choose?

I went on a beach walk yesterday.  The beach/ocean/water… well, Mother Nature in general is often my teacher.  I picked up this simple shell.  Many ignore gray/black shells but it just means they have history; been under for longer.  I could see and feel where the shell could have ended – where it might have just been a small shell.  Yet somehow it continued to grow.  It might have also been from another shell laying on it and the pressure in the depths of the ocean.  All symbolic.  We are uniquely formed by our experiences. Continue reading