Thoughts of Suicide or Past Life Clearing??


Most are not comfortable with the word, suicide. For this article when I use the word, I’m referring to suicide, an attempt and thoughts of attempting. Hopefully you haven’t had this experience (energy) brought to you but the reality is, this is a part of life.  So to start, see how you feel, in your body, as you start to read this article. As I started to type, I got a knot in my stomach. It’s just not an easy topic and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write about it. Continue reading

Traumatic Stress Dis-order


Many of us know about PTSD.  Yet, I wonder about what I call, Traumatic Stress Dis-order (TSD).  What if one is having a traumatic event and they are trying to deal with it in a more conscious way, as it is happening.  What would it be like if one fully embrace the experience verses being a victim or in shock. Continue reading

Anxiety Attack… Soul vs. Mind and Body


Let me say first, I am not a licensed therapist or an expert on anxiety disorders.  But when certain situations come into my life, I am a writer so that’s what I do.  Recently I’ve been looking at anxiety attacks as a way that your soul will get your attention.  I think a bit extreme but us humans can be stubborn.  Our amazing body and soul will find a way to give us a sign when we are off track.  Heed the warning. Continue reading