Awareness and Soul Mates

There seems to be a pulse sent on potentially addressing some soul mate issues.  Let me back up a bit and say that from my perspective, we have many, although often we tend to think more on that one – as in our destined true life companion.  They can though also be friends, family members, co-workers, etc.  Anyone who really get’s you, has deeply impacted or accompanies/supports/fosters your journey.  Continue reading

Much Love

So where were we…?   lol    Oh yes, moving forward.  Gheez some deep stuff is surfacing.  Full moons will bring much to light.  I do remember though years ago I was like, it will?  We are exploring possible timelines and making choices.  While this often happens in our sleep state, very much now in our reality.  Often times we are held in a reality/timeline and boy do we feel it… till we can let go.  Continue reading

Jacked on Energy

I rarely do life before 6 a.m.  I don’t know why I even made a cup of coffee.  I don’t need it yet, I do enjoy coffee.  I do love the pre-dawn hour and being with the rising sun.  Well, this morning it was the moon followed by the sun.  It can be a powerful meditation time.  So I am chill and zen yet I can feel the energy running in my body, particularly from root to higher heart.  The energy started yesterday for me and I wrote… Continue reading

Heart Shaped Clouds

Today it was to rain buckets all day but all of a sudden the sun came out – yes, symbolic.  Change can happen fast.  I walked outside to be greeted by several heart shaped clouds… and I didn’t even need to ask!  Love it and… love is in the air.  So a quick update on what I’m experiencing and then what I’m being given to pass along.  Do you notice that I often save the best for last… it just happens that way 🙂 Continue reading

Message from Spirit: Caregiver or Give Care… to a parent who didn’t understand you.


At times I pause as I start to write. I know that I am a channel and to pass along information. A perspective and I know that there are many. So this topic felt a bit, taboo since I was raised and do believe in caring for our elders. Yet it was brought to my attention that many in the spiritual healing arena are of an age where they will be called upon to provide care for their parents or an extended family member. And many of these healers became healers through being birthed to parents and families who did not believe in or care to understand healing and what they might refer to as, woo woo spiritual matters. It was their role to stay asleep. The experiences though, that a healer endured and survived, can range from a general misunderstanding to outright abuse. For some, they had to learn from the confusing, I love you yet I will also hurt you. If you’re reading this, you know that love shouldn’t hurt. Continue reading

Evolving and staying together


Often, when I write, I know what I wish to express.  Then there are times, likes this one, when I think I know… but then what ends up on the paper is very different from my initial intention.  Still, I think it all works out.  This article is on the topic of love and soul mate relationships.  Staying strong together. Continue reading