I’m not sure why but there has been a rumbling sound here for hours now.  This happens on occasion (yet not for hours straight) as with other booms and ground shaking that other’s don’t seem to notice.  Am I just that in touch with Mother Earth??  Continue reading

Web of support


Welcome March and here we go! I love my signs. I was sitting outside and my mind was running away. I was thinking of my blog and how many additional streams have been birthed from it. Honestly I had no idea over a year ago. Recently I’ve been playing (literally) with youtubes, self-publishing, setting up free conference calls to support others in their journey, etc. And then I realized I was in a web. A spider web. It took several minutes to get untangled and then this little friend made herself know. Seriously you are mighty small to have made this large of a web and so quickly. In what seemed like minutes as I sat. How symbolic, in many ways. Continue reading

But wait… there’s more!!


Oh my! The energy has been intense today! Yet I feel as if I’m trying to walk through wet concrete. What are my other selves doing that is so draining to me here?  Go slow… well I have no other choice. I’ve meditated and that has helped. Not to receive guidance, just to rest and try to level some of this energy out. It’s like a tsunami tidal wave and it’s easy to think… run!  But that is not what we came her to do. This is not fight or flight. This is blend… merge… allow.  I also know that each of us is going through our own process. Just because I’m feeling a certain way doesn’t mean you are.  Honor your process.  It’s all amazing! Continue reading

Wild Geese

For me, this is how the Universe works.

I love to start my day with a cup of coffee on the front porch. I haven’t checked my email and I try not to allow my mind to whirl up a to-do list. Often it’s quiet and I can quickly connect with the birds, trees and sky around me, feeling part shaman. I have a notebook and I just see if anything comes to me. I give the Universe the first opportunity to prime my day. Continue reading

Why do we need to ask? Aren’t our Guides psychic??


I’ve often heard that one’s guide or angel can’t help unless asked yet… I’ve wondered why this is the case.  I mean, I’m sure they see and know what the issue is and the solution.  They have the big picture view and endless resources.  They surely don’t like to see one struggling.  So then why does one need to ask (in the first place) and then be so specific when asking?   Continue reading

My Journey. Becoming a Channel.

Now, at the age of 41, I can look back and say I’ve been psychic my whole life.  Yet, most of my life I didn’t understand it.  I didn’t know how to use it.  And for many years, I dismissed it.  I had da ja vue’s, knowings, whispers and quick visions that helped me in some way.  As I got older though, I reached a point in my life though where nothing made sense.  I needed help and wished for more clarity about my life.  I thought a new job, a friend, a winning lottery ticket, another psychic… well just about anything would point me in the right direction.  Stressed out, overwhelmed and edgy, I walked away from a career and my home.  At the time, in my exhaustion, I still clung to a thin positive thread.  A hope.  I prayed that thread would not break.

A new beginning I thought.  I’d have no idea what would happen.  I thought I just needed a break.  I did.  I needed sleep and a lot of it.  As a busy single career mother, I hadn’t slept in over a decade.  I needed a slower place so I did slow down.  It did take a while to unwind since the Universe had sent me a few powerful punches.  Yet, I still found the world rushing around me and that life was often cruel.  I wished others would be nice… to me.  I’d been nice to others in my life so, why?  I didn’t realize at the time was, I just needed to be nicer to myself.

Continue reading