Music Muse

I  ❤ ❤ ❤ music!  I was a DJ in high school and now at times a Spiritual DJ.  Spirit often speaks in songs verses signs/messages.

Let music be your muse and teacher.  Make a soundtrack of your life.  Modern music (yes, even a rap song) can assist in identifying, releasing and healing.  If desired, replace with a higher vibrational song.  Music therapy can be a joyful way to awaken and ascend.  Music makes one feel so one doesn’t have to overthink/struggle with any issue/block/clearing.  It can also assist in identifying themes/lessons with money, relationships, limiting believes/old contracts, suppressed emotions and grief.


From crystal singing bowl, to hymnals or soundtracks, to top 40 rock, country or electric music, let’s find the vibration to discover and remember/rewrite/remix your multidimensional/platinum (haha) etheric records.


Each person and way is different and… it’s all good.  So scream therapy, jam session, dance, singing, chanting, drumming as well as relaxing and meditation options.  And song writing (no expertise required) can be a great way to express and create.  Music can also be helpful for many medical conditions from Autism to Alzheimer’s.  Music is life.  Music moves energy.  Open your heart to the gift of music.

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