Serendipity Pics

Really, no words are needed here.  Each of these pictures were captured on my camera in place I least suspected.


I moment of awe… beauty… surprise… encouragement.  Thank you Universe for reminding me.

And here’s some great ideas for your walk in nature.

And… love energy and orb photography.  My camera starts making strange sounds for me when I don’t see.  In the second pic, that’s not the moon.  The last one looked like an infinity sign 🙂  You can click on picture to enlarge.

Cool article on orbs here.  And youtube here.


7 comments on “Serendipity Pics

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    • Honestly my beloved gifted me a camera… twice. Found online and in the big picture, probably pretty average – yet not. One of them does have a nice zoom for moon shots. I cried like a baby when he gave it to me (a story for another time). Kids have their cell phone and I have my camera.


  2. Oh my I love the pictures, and when I got to the orbs, WOW! My first encounter capturing (capturing, that sounded funny, NO capturing them Spirits! lol) Orbs in my photo’s was Thanksgiving 2010, got home from Richmond and uploaded to my computer to view, and was absolutely flabbergasted! I then did me some research as some would like to dismiss it as dirt on the lens. My next encounter was in Dixie Caverns in Roanoke Co. Va., they are all on my OLD Computer, I must find them, and get them moved! Anyway, I LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks for sharing ❤

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    • Well, thanks for looking around! Yah – I love orbs. My camera “speaks” to me. It makes certain noises. Started years ago when I couldn’t “see” the energy so I’d just snap away and then, just like you… low and behold – wow!


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