11/11 – 11/17 energy


I usually write of the joy in the journey as it’s always there and easy to see… yet I also have, let’s get real about how this/now feels moments.  Overall and personally I feel as if much (whatever arises) has been more neutral these past several weeks.  Yet trust the me of even a year ago (and in moments now) could provide a list of adjectives, lol.  For some though it may feel like the 9th month of pregnancy where one is… Continue reading



So I just wanted to check-in energy wise.  This current pulse may not have been what one thought, yet is serving many purposes.  It does seem to be (for me) one of those more subtle and quiet ones yet… not.  I can feel it physically – whoa… and am working through it in my reality as situations/a different theme surfaces.  Continue reading

fall o wing…


Oh the past several days/week – a 5 day geo-storm which is a bit unusual.  For me everything from headache, to get er done and with ease to… wake, love, eat, sleep and repeat often in a day.  It’s also been interesting to see who’s been affected by this wave and in what ways as there are many.  The variety and perfection.  Continue reading

Sounding the Alarm


Oh Spirit has been busy in my house the past 24 hours.  Sounding all sorts of… alarms.  At first though I was just thinking, false alarm.  Nope.  Seems to tie into, the call.  Energy has been ebbing and flowing over the past two days or so.  I wanted to say high yet not too high and low/er… yet, this low is really our old normal.  Some will be feeling Kundulinia/heat rising, heart pounding, ear ringing…   Tomorrow is 1/11/1 (2017 = 1).  It is just beginning.  Yesterday I heard, all hand on deck.  Yup.  No fear/panic.  With ease and grace we show up, open up, give and receive.  A full day ahead/full steam ahead and will write more later.  ❤

Dream Portal Open


Well… it is, always.  It just seems like I am/we are having more reunions and now nightly symbolic dreams. In the past I’d write down a question and it might take 2-3 nights before I could remember a dream.  Well, not now.  I write down a question, go to sleep and bam!  Very detailed ones.  Awesome.  And the reunions… ohhh… so powerful! Continue reading


Wow and not sure where to start.  The past 24 hours… well… so much is available!  The 11/11 Portal is WIDE OPEN.  And the time shift seems to also signify a larger shift.  We will not be falling back though.  We are LEAPING forward.  This is not one more hour in the dark, it’s time to shine!  Even if you don’t channel or hear messages, remain open.  Now might be your time. Continue reading

Bliss Energy


As I awoke, I saw a different hue in the sky.  Mystical and I smiled.  As the morning continued, the suns rays seemed to pour and remind.  By the early afternoon, an energy was running strong and the only other word I came to was, accelerated.  I’ve felt that with the last two waves I’ve felt, it’s been a choice.  It can be just as easy to get busy/distracted/too serious and not feel it (and hey, this is also okay).  So you, too, may be seeing/feeling this.  It can though manifest in so many ways.  Continue reading