trinity infinity


8/18/18, ohh I seem to be feeling this date as a series of 8/∞ energy.  Many of us need and are encouraging time/space now during this passageway.  Slow, simple, less is more, time to self, self-care, silence, meditation and… whatever brings one joy.  This is a natural process though so what is meant to happen/be… will.  It’s not that one needs to do something more/different/special… just continue to honor the process.  Many of us have been practicing this for some time now.  Continue reading


Good morning loves!  How are you?

If one thing alone has been clear in the past 48 hours (other than turtles), the Universe has been reminding me of 3’s.  A lucky streak – three in a row.  Good things come in three’s.  Three forces coming together at once.  Three gifts.  Third times a charm.  Three trines yet I don’t know/follow astrology that closely (are we in a trine?)  Hmm… the mystery. Continue reading