Quantum Jumps


I wrote this last night and planned on publishing this morning but now I also wish to update on the energy.  It’s been a light night of sleep.  🙂  Energy has been running strong since 2 a.m.  One might feel their body heat up and then cool down, an accelerated heart rate, ear ringing, teeth… it could be just about anything and it’s all normal.  I’m not quite sure what today has in store but yesterday I felt information would be funneling through.  So… Continue reading


I awoke at 4:11 a.m. and quickly… my mind started whirling.  So I arose and sat under the moon.  I took several deep and l-o-n-g breathes.  This seems to be needed now.  I don’t even know what this week has in store… yet, I seem to be feeling it.  So Universe, what’s the 411… Continue reading

511 Information


Today is a good day!  Well… every day is. Sleep seems to be the theme.  I actually got 11 hours which rarely ever happens.  I reflect on the past 18 months and how crazy the sleep cycles have been.  What a joy to…. sleep.  I did awake often the last few hours remembering just a small piece of wisdom and then as if an invisible hand/force/sleepy dust, I was gone again.  Continue reading

Check Status

Over the past year, on occasion I see X’s in the sky and feel like the Universe is trying to get a message to me.  While some would say chem trails, this is not my hot button/mission.  What a signs means to you well, that is up to you to divine.  I often look to the sky and Mother Nature for signs and yesterday was another X day where normally the skies are pretty clear. Continue reading