After I finished typing my last post, I went and washed my hands.  I laughed since I wasn’t even sure, why. I just found myself at the sink (another dimension brain fart moment). Yet… very symbolic. I took a deep breath and connected with, all.  I thought, I’m done blogging, right?  Continue to pull in and understand?  Right…?  Wrong!  WRITE! Continue reading



Alright Kiddo’s! Are we having fun yet? The latest seems to be the next wave of energy coming in March. Spring equinox, although I’m feeling all of March. So more upgrades are incoming/in happening – Up, uP and away/a way. So for many we have a few weeks to rest, discern, create, prepare – whatever you feel you need to do. Most importantly – LIVE!  I, personally, have to take these notifications of gates/portals/dates with a grain of salt. We are each different and literally every moment is a new possibility. Many of us shifted together as gates/sun activity/whatever name we attach to it, moved us along yet now, that doesn’t seem to matter as much. Any moment could be (and is), divine! Continue reading

A flash of lightening


I often go outside at night to look at the stars. I am fortunate to live in a rural area and often the view is awe-inspiring. I sometimes seem to talk to the night (really more in my head). This evening I made one statement (that honestly I was 100% certain about) and then lightening lite up the night sky. Honestly, it startled me. A possible storm was forecasted for the area yet it wasn’t raining. I waited for 10 more minutes to see if it would happen again. It didn’t. Wow.  When you ask the Universe for a sign or confirmation, well, I was grateful for this moment.  It was as if it was only Mother Nature and I. Continue reading

Be open… no, more open than that


I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Here it’s windy, cold and raining sideways and I’m grateful for a warm house and cup of coffee.

I’m encouraging all to be open to new gifts. I’ve noticed an increase in my sight, smell and touch. It seems like the Universe is saying, what do you think about this? Wondering if we’ll welcome and then practice these skills or, if we’ll dismiss them. I’m also betting many who haven’t been in touch with their 6th sense will be having what they’d consider strange experiences. You might overhear some stories so if you can, be the one who points them in the right direction; support and encourage. When you’re open, watch new windows and doors open.  Continue reading

Orbs and other oddities



Well, here’s the latest… for me. Odd is my new normal and actually feels good to me.  As I was falling asleep, I was asked to stop attempting to bring my body with me as I went to other places. (Haha, I didn’t think I was.)  Often at night I send my soul off. I envision an undefined white essence slipping away but now it was a tight, small and colorful orb. It felt so lite and able to quickly go many places. Zipping here and there. I thought of my fascination with orbs in pictures that I’ve taken. It did look just like that.  Okay, orbs really are spirits (I knew this but now on a new level). Continue reading

Unanchor and float


So… where to begin.  This might be the first mercury retrograde that I’m still getting all sorts of messages. Usually I’d be in what I referred to as a, personal spiritual lull. And trust me, I’ve truly felt each one. I’d receive spirit whispers if another needed a message but nothing for me. So I’d ponder, reflect, live my life and at times panic wondering when the messages would start again. The last two retrogrades my higher- self was available so now I can see the progression.  I wonder if this is a perk of 5D.  I’ll take it! Continue reading